Logan Cloyd

Logan CloydLogan Cloyd recently started classes with the Purdue University, College of Pharmacy and has begun a four-year journey toward earning his doctor of Pharmacy degree.

When the Portage resident enrolled in the Purdue University North Central Pre Pharmacy program he knew he was in the right place. Faculty members inspired him and classes that challenged him.
“PNC is an excellent school,” he said. “For example, I am extremely grateful for being able to take the Human Gross Anatomy course where we performed a dissection on two human cadavers. It was an honor and a privilege to take this course as an undergraduate. A course like this is typically reserved for medical school. It gives you a better appreciation and understanding of the human body.”

Cloyd decided to become a pharmacist after working at a CVS Pharmacy as a pharmacy technician.

“Seeing how the pharmacists interacted with patients and how compassionate and knowledgeable they were really drew me toward the field,” he explained. “They enjoyed their jobs so much and felt satisfied with their careers. I really enjoyed learning about the different types of medication and what they were for, so I decided to change my program of study to pharmacy.”

Top students from across the nation vie for admittance into the Purdue University College of Pharmacy. Last year 767 applied, with only 150 students admitted. Purdue does look for students who are the top of their class, but also factors in an applicant’s volunteer work and other extracurricular activities.

Cloyd admits that he was “an immature kid right out of high school with no idea what I wanted to do with my life.” In time, he found his passion and his entire outlook changed. He found support to pursue his interest in pharmacy on campus and at home.

“Dr. Richard Hengst, (professor of Biology) gave great advice and helped me develop my study habits so that I had a conceptual understanding of the material rather than memorizing it. Kent Lange (continuing lecturer of Biology) was always available to help or for any questions and did a practice interview with me before my pharmacy interview. JC White, my academic advisor, helped me with any questions I had about Purdue’s application process.”

At home, his family’s support was key to his success, “I was fortunate to live at home; that helped out immensely. I’ll always be very grateful to my parents.”

When he started with the Pre Pharmacy program, he changed his work schedule to work exclusively on the weekends so he could dedicate as much time as possible to his course work.

He did take the time to share his knowledge and enthusiasm for learning with other students as a tutor in the PNC Student Success Center.

Last year, four former PNC students earned their doctor of Pharmacy degrees from the Purdue University Doctor of Pharmacy Program. While Cloud did not know them personally, their success does encourage current students to join their ranks.

“It was good to have known that other students from PNC Pre Pharmacy program have been accepted,” he said.

Right now, Cloyd is not sure what area of Pharmacy most appeals to him, he was time to decide that.

He does know that thanks to his PNC education, he is ready to begin the Doctor of Pharmacy program. “PNC has a wide range of classes, great professors, small class sizes; it’s a tremendous school.”

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