PNC Assessment


No one wants to start college and be in a class where the work is way too easy or completely over their head. PNC now impliments Accuplacer, an online testing system, to help place our students in the best courses for them. 

Purdue University North Central reviews each student's academic background to determine if testing is necessary. Your letter of admission from PNC will state if you are required to take the PNC Assessment test. In some cases, based on your major your academic advisor may require you to take a placement exam that is not listed on your admission letter.

Students may always choose to take specific tests if they are unsure of their ability. Certain students will be required to take the PNC Assessment based on admissions requirement. Admissions personnel and academic advisors may also require a student to be tested in a specific area based on the student's academic background and the academic goals they have indicated.

PNC Assessment

There is no fee for the Assessment test. The PNC Assessment tests are not timed. On average, it can take a student anywhere between one to two hours to complete their exam. 

Testing is by appointment only. Our typical hours for testing appoints are Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. (Note: Availability varies due to other meetings, appointments, etc.)  Please call (219)785-5326 to schedule your assessment. Testing at the PNC Campus will take place in the Student Success Center (LSF Building Room 202). If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, please notify us as soon as possible.


Study Material

We highly encourage our students to study the review material we provide them prior to taking the PNC Assessment. It is very important that the students do the best they can on the assessment to ensure they are being placed in the proper course. Click here to access the study material.