Dr. James Pula

James Pula

James Pula
Professor of History

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Schwarz Hall 209
Ext. 5203

Fall 2015 Office Hours


B.A., State University New York – Albany, 1968
M.A., Purdue University, 1970
M.Ed., University of Maryland, 1979
Ph.D., Purdue University, 1972

Courses Taught Recently
American History Until 1877 (HIST 15100)
American History Since 1877 (HIST 15200)
Revolutionary Era (HIST 46100)
The Civil War and Reconstruction (HIST 46500)
Emergence of Modern America (HIST 46700)
American History in Film (HIST 49200)
National, Ethnic, and Racial Identity in History & Culture (HIST 49200)
U.S. Immigration and Ethnic Groups (HIST 49200)

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