Speakers Bureau

These Purdue University North Central faculty and staff members are interested in speaking to your organization. General topics are listed here, but most speakers are willing to adapt their topics to fit your needs.

Please make arrangements directly by telephone or e-mail (if available). Telephone: 219-462-4197, along with the appropriate extension number; or 219-785 and the extension number. If you are unable to reach the individual, contact the Campus Relations Office, 219-785-5267.

Fees, if any, are a matter between you and the speaker.

Arts and Culture | Business/Management/Organizations | Education | Health/Mental Health/Wellness | Humanities/Social and Political Sciences
PNC and the Community | Science | Technology


Arts & Culture

JERRY HOLT – Chair of English/Modern Language; Associate Professor of English
Ext.5346 jgholt@pnc.edu
American Literature; American Film; Kent State Shootings; Life and Career of Jackie Robinson; Film History; Life in the decades 1950’s to present

JUDY JACOBI – Assistant Vice Chancellor of Marketing and Campus Relations
Ext. 5593; jjacobi@pnc.edu
The Value of the Arts in Education; Selected Topics in Contemporary Visual Arts; Contemporary Sculpture; Group Tours


JAMES B. DWORKIN – Chancellor; Professor of Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management
Ext. 5331; jdworkin@pnc.edu
Labor Relations; Arbitration and Negotiation; Labor Relations in Professional Baseball and Basketball; Economics; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Importance of Higher Education

KIMBERLY THALMANN – Financial Aid Counselor
Ext.5269; kharkler@pnc.edu
Financial Aid Topics

RICHARD PANTON – Continuing Lecturer in Management
Ext. 5362; rpanton@pnc.edu
Team Building & Management of Work Teams; Defeating Union Organizing Campaigns; Purchasing

CYNTHIA ROBERTS – Interim Dean of the College of Business; Professor of Organizational Behavior and Leadership
Ext. 5219; croberts@pnc.edu
Leadership; Team Development; Service Learning; Ethics; Gender & Leadership Organization Development; Performance Improvement; Team Building; Diversity; Change Management

DEREK BJONBACK – Associate Professor Of Economics
Ext. 5694 dbjonback@pnc.edu

TANTATAPE BRAHMASRENE – Department of Business and Leadership
Ext. 5310 tapeb@pnc.edu
Finance & Intl Business; Macro-Micro Economics, Finance

CAROLYN ROPER – Interim Chair of the Department of Business and Leadership; Associate Professor of Leadership and Human Resources
Ext. 5686; croper@pnc.edu
Management of Change; Management of Conflict, Mediation; Leadership; Supervision; Leadership Development

DONNA WHITTEN – Associate Professor of Business-Accounting
Ext.5350; dwhitten@pnc.edu
Not-for-profit and financial and program analysis

E. ANNE CHRISTO-BAKER – Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior and Leadership
Ext. 5643; ehchrist@pnc.edu
Team building, Diversity, Leadership, Supervisory Challenges, Personality Assessments, Workplace Communications

ANTHONY SINDONE – Continuing Lecturer of Economics
Ext. 5257; asindone@pnc.edu
Local authority on labor markets, forensic economics, regional economic development and public policy


MARY JANE EISENHAUER – Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education
Ext. 5637; meisenhauer@pnc.edu
Early Childhood Education; Kindergarten

REX MORROW – Dean of College of Liberal Arts; Professor of Education; Professor of Social Sciences
Ext. 5680 rmorrow@pnc.edu
Education Policy; Secondary Education; International Education

KILA PAYNE – Student Services Program Counselor
Ext. 5367 kward@pnc.edu

DEBORAH BIRCH – Interim Director of Concurrent Enrollment Programs and Partnerships
Ext 5423 dbirch@pnc.edu
College Success, Study Skills, SAT Preparation

Health/Mental Health/Wellness

JOHN WEBER – Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Services and Dean of Students
Ext. 5368; jweber@pnc.edu
Athletics; Baseball; Recruiting Techniques; Motivation; Sport Psychology

Humanities/Social and Political Sciences

KAREN DONAH – Continuing Lecturer of American Sign Language
Ext. 5432 kdonah@pnc.edu
American Sign Language

AMANDA SCHACHT – Director of Student Activities

JANUSZ DUZINKIEWICZ – Associate Professor History
Ext. 5523 jduzinkiewicz@pnc.edu

REX MORROW – Dean of College of Liberal Arts; Professor of Education; Professor of Social Sciences
Ext. 5680 rmorrow@pnc.edu
Social Studies Curricula; Education Policy; Secondary Education; International Education

LAURA ODOM – Assistant Director, Office of Institutional Equity and Training
Ext. 5545 odoml@pnc.edu
Human Resource Topics

JONATHAN SWARTS – Associate Professor of Political Science
Ext. 5252; jswarts@pnc.edu
International Relations; World Politics; Western European Politics; Middle East; Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

KAREN SCHMID – Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Ext. 5750 kschmid@pnc.edu

KIM SCIPES – Associate Professor Sociology
Ext. 5294 kscipes@pnc.edu
Labor, Environment, Social Inequality, “Third World” Development, Globalization, Race and Ethnic Diversity

PNC and the Community

TOM ALBANO – Director of Student Athletics and Sports Information
PNC Alumni Association and Annual Giving


REYNALDO BARRETO – Associate Professor Of Chemistry
Ext. 5475 rbarreto@pnc.edu
Acid-Rain Cause & Effect; Chemistry Of Color; Self-Defense; MTBE

PURNA DAS – Professor of Physics and Department Chair
Ext. 5254; pdas@pnc.edu


MARTHA GARCIA-SAENZ – Associate Professor Construction Engineering and Management Technology
Ext. 5522 mgarcia@pnc.edu
Real options, Women in Engineering, Solar Energy

RICHARD PANTON – Continuing Lecturer in Management
Ext. rpanton@pnc.edu
Work Process Re-Engineering; Quality Control/Quality Assurance

DEREK BJONBACK – Associate Professor Of Economics
Ext. 5694 dbjonback@pnc.edu