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Purdue University North Central students are awarded institutional scholarships based on donor requirements, student qualifications and fund availability. A separate institutional scholarship application is not required, however, certain scholarships may require that students complete an application specific to that scholarship in order to be considered. Those scholarships and links to their applications are listed below. Remember that scholarships that sound too good to be true usually are. If you have to pay money for a scholarship or scholarship search it is most likely a scam. Learn more about ways to recognize and protect yourself from scholarship scams.

Purdue University North Central Scholarships Requiring a Separate Application or Essay:

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Scholarship Decision Form and Thank You Note

Institutional scholarships are made possible through the generous support of our scholarship donors.  Institutional scholarship recipients will receive a Scholarship Notification letter which contains a Scholarship Decision form and Thank You Note information. Institutional scholarship recipients must complete the Scholarship Decision and FERPA Release Form and return it to the Financial Aid Office. Additionally, scholarship recipients should submit a Thank You Note to the scholarship donor.  This will provide a personal touch to the donor who is funding a portion of your education and support our efforts to secure additional funding for students like you.