Rideshare at PNC

Attention PNC Students:

Is the cost of gas putting a major dent in your budget? Is your vehicle out of service for a while?

Then, you might be interested in PNC RideShare! And, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

OneFirst, Submit Your RideShare Information by filling out the easy online form.  List your ideal time of departure and address. Make sure to use your PNC email address, which is required on the form. Then View RideShare Possibilities.


Second, once you’ve had email contact with your potential RideShare partner(s), arrange to meet them in a public place on campus to discuss the specifics of your RideShare agreement.  This is your opportunity to see if your arrangement requirements meet the approval of all parties. Be sure to discuss:

    • Times and places of departure and return trip
    • Arrangements for sharing the transportation costs (i.e. cost of gas, rotating the driving schedule, etc.)
    • Ways to contact each other in case of an emergency
    • Then you and your partner(s) go to the Physical Facilities/Campus Police building (located by the pond) to complete the contract and obtain a special RideShare hang tag.
      The RideShare permit even allows parking in “A” areas!


Third, give it a try for a while! Then, decide if this truly is the way to go!  Also, you may find that you and your RideShare partner(s) may need to make adjustments to the agreement or contract. Whatever the case…be safe and enjoy this new service!


Submit Your RideShare Information

View RideShare Possibilities

Modify/Remove Your RideShare Information

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