New Sculptures 2013

celebrating 15 years - odyssey 2013-14

pnc students with chancellor dworkin in front of The Kelpies sculpture PNC Students with Chancellor Dworkin in front of The Kelpies
sentinel 3 by Ray Katz

Sentinel 3 – Ray Katz

Painted steel, 14′ x 14′ x 6′, the forms represent the flux of time and embrace transformational concepts.
 people and places by mark warwick

People and Places – Mark Warwick

Rusted and painted steel, 12′ x 15′ x 10′, reflects the architecture in the U.S. with its firm straight, unencumbered edges seen in its cityscapes.
 flappers by ruth aizuss migdal

Flappers – Ruth Aizuss Migdal

Painted steel, 12′ x 5′ x 5′, representing the female torso and its many complexities.
 breeze keeper by christine rojek

Breeze Keeper – Christine Rojek

Aluminum, 9′ x 42′ x 24′, consisting of over 70 wind-activated elements, 64 aluminum prairie flowers and 12 unexpected symbolic images representing the Illinois landscape.
 once around the block by andrew arvanetes

Once Around the Block – Andrew Arvanetes

Stainless steel, 9′ x 4′ x 6′, a whimsical sculpture, a daydream, conceived while performing tedious chores, while stuck in traffic, while waiting to board a flight.
 chicago industrial by marshall svendsen

Chicago Industrial – Marshall Svendsen

Cast aluminum and steel, 13′ x 15′ x 10′, a tribute to Chicago’s ability to build, rebuild and innovate.
 diva by ruth aizuss migdal

Diva – Ruth Aizuss Migdal

Painted steel, 12′ x 5′ x 5′, a female figure expressing a celebration of dance.
the kelpies by andy scott

The Kelpies – Andy Scott

Galvanized and powder coated steel, 10′ x 9′ x 7′, representing the work horses of Scotland’s former industrial heartland.
 dancing lady by s. thomas scarff

Dancing Lady – S. Thomas Scarff

Aluminum and bronze, 2′ x 9′ x 7′, she appears mid-step caught and frozen in that one moment of time that the artist wants to remember.
 bas-relief billboard by christine perri

Bas-relief Billboard – Christine Perri

An old-fashioned billboard made of stained cedar and charred oak, 11′ 6″ x 9′ 6″ x 4′, with bas-relief inspired by medieval carvings.
house for sandy by mike grucza

House for Sandy – Mike Grucza

Stainless steel and powder coated metal, 8′ x 4′ x 4′, changing light and shadows alter the appearance dramatically.