AV Equipment Request Information

To request AV Equipment for your course/meeting, please go to: services@pnc
Follow the steps below to submit a service request online:

  • Login with your PNC account information
  • Select “Create New Ticket” button
  • Enter your location
  • Group is IS Technical Support
  • Category is AV & Media
  • Category Option is Event/Equipment Request
  • Once you have completed all necessary fields, click “Save Changes” and a ticket will be created.

View a current listing of the Electronic Classrooms on campus, including the PPC campus.

Faculty and staff members wishing to check out equipment for off-campus use need to complete the following form: Form 12 Property Off Campus. You must still call or e-mail us to make sure it is available for loan!

Laptop Smart Cart

The Laptop Smart Carts provide the same functionality found in the campus’s Electronic classrooms in a portable package. With them you can show DVDs or VHS videos, internet movies, PowerPoint presentations, or anything else that can be viewed on a computer. All of our Laptop Smart Carts have an LCD projector, an internet-connected PC with Microsoft Office, and come equipped with a VCR/DVD player.

The LCD projectors and laptops on our carts come equipped with anti-theft security devices. These devices emit a piercing alarm if the cord securing the equipment to the cart is cut or damaged. If you hear the alarm, please contact us at x5511 or Campus Police at x5220.

TV Cart

Our TV Cart has a 42″ flat screen TV mounted to a slim, portable cart. Each TV Cart comes equipped with a VCR/DVD player and can also be connected to a laptop.

Document Camera

The Document Camera transmits a live video signal to an LCD projector or TV monitor. It can be used to display books and magazines, as well as three dimensional objects. Please be advised that the Document Camera requires connection to a Electronic classroom or a Projector-Only Cart.

Projector-Only Cart

The Projector-Only Cart is just like a Laptop Smart Cart, but it does not come with a laptop already connected. This is the ideal solution for professors who would like to use their personal laptop computer instead of the laptops we provide. Projector-Only Carts also include a VCR/DVD player for showing videos.

Mac users should be aware that the connection to provide a video feed from their laptops is different than the one used by PCs. Professors who plan to use an Apple computer with our equipment should plan to provide their own adapter to connect to our standard VGA cable.

PA System

For large events we have a full PA System which can be set up with two to four speakers, wired and wireless microphones, an MP3 player, or CD player. It is perfect for events in LSF 170 (the cafeteria), and can also be set up for outdoor events, weather-permitting.

In addition to amplifying voice and playing CDs and MP3s, the system can easily accommodate virtually any type of band or vocal performer, with a total of ten inputs for instruments, microphones, or backing tracks. The board can also be run with one or two of the speakers as monitors so that bands can hear how they are blending while onstage.

For smaller rooms like LSF 170A and LSF 144, we have portable stand-alone speaker units that can be connected to a variety of audio sources, including microphones, keyboards, CD players, and MP3 players.

Miscellaneous Equipment

The Information Services department maintains the overhead projectors found in most classrooms. If you notice a burned-out bulb in an overhead projector, please let us know so that we can replace it right away.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact the Help Desk at ext. 5511 or submit a trouble ticket online at: services@pnc