PNC Announces Hyde Park Forum Speak-Off Winners

The 30th Purdue University North Central Hyde Park Forum Public Speaking Contest concluded with Ben Vernosky of Valparaiso, being named winner of the “Speak-Off” competition.

The Hyde Park Forum brings together PNC students who present short speeches on various topics of current interest. Many participants are students in PNC’s Communication 114 class.

Speak-Off winner Vernosky gave the speech “Exercise to Good Health.” Second place went to Emily Vates, of DeMotte, who shared the message “Helping Survivors at PNC.” In third place was Rachel Klingensmith, of Portage, with “Be a Specter Detector.” Fourth place went to Diana Welch, of Valparaiso, with” Are you Ready?” and in fifth place was Tyler Vargas, of Hebron, presenting, “War’s Unfair Formula.”

Overall second place Hyde Park Forum winners were – Jake Gesse, Valparaiso, with “Why pancakes are the best;” Tyler Durfey,  North Judson, with “That Which Can’t Be Seen;” Cortney McIntosh, LaPorte, with “Drug Tests for Food Stamps;” Maria Elena Miller,  Michigan City, with “TV Does Not Create Violence;” and Davis Reardon, Westville, “The Benefits of Optimism.”

Overall third place Hyde Park Forum winners were – Monica Hodge, Hobart, with “Suicide Awareness & Prevention;” Aaron M. Landrum, Chesterton, “War on Apathy;” Jessica Sturdy, Union Mills, “Dangers of Smokeless Tobacco;” Hannah Vallangeon, Porter, with “Benefits of Honey;” and Victoria Simms, Chesterton, with “Stand Against Sex Trafficking,”

The Hyde Park Forum and Speak-Off are loosely based on London’s Hyde Park, a public gathering place for speakers who wish to state their minds. Hyde Park has gained prominence as a reference to freedom of speech and intriguing speaking.