Training Certificate Programs

PNC Supervisory Skills Development Program

In 2012, Purdue North Central began offering a comprehensive professional development program for supervisors. This program provides participants with the opportunity to gain knowledge, develop skills, and obtain tools that will assist them in their supervisory roles within the University.

The target audience for this program is the following:

  • PNC employees who have administrative or functional supervisory responsibilities of full-time and part-time staff or supervise multiple student workers.

After participating in the Supervisory Skills Development Program, participants will be able to:

  • Expand their knowledge and skills for addressing typical supervisory challenges
  • Coach and address employees about performance issues or inappropriate behavior in a manner that results in improvement
  • Enrich their knowledge and skills in managing departmental finances
  • Become familiar with key University policies and the importance of enforcing them in the workplace


PNC Leadership Academy

The PNC Leadership Academy allows participants to gain campus-specific and system-wide knowledge, develop leadership skills, and engage in team building activities over a two year period.

During the program, participants of the Leadership Academy will:

  • Become familiar with PNC’s organizational structure, key functions and operating processes
  • Build relationships with senior leaders and colleagues throughout the organization and leaders in the community
  • Enrich teambuilding skills by researching and developing a group project that will further a PNC initiative
  • Identify career goals and develop a career plan using SMART goals
  • Participate in a job shadowing program
  • Attend training sessions focused on leadership competencies

Participants will be required to:

  • Participate in at least three service learning (engagement) activities
  • Attend monthly seminars
  • Recommend and complete a group project that delivers tangible benefit to PNC
  • Participate in leadership training opportunities

The criteria for the PNC Leadership Academy nominees are as follows:

  • Benefit eligible faculty or administrative/professional staff employed at PNC for at least one year
  • Documented history of superior performance and accomplishment
  • Expressed career goals that include assuming a leadership role and recognized potential for same


Testimonials on PNC Leadership Academy

“It is rewarding to work on a project that is backed by the support of the Senior Leadership team. The fact that you have their approval on a project makes it worthwhile.”

“This experience has provided many opportunities for me to learn how my skills, knowledge, and experience can be used for the greater good at PNC. I feel as if I now have 5 new valuable connections in other areas of the university.”

“I would recommend this to anyone. The long term benefits of this are not yet certain but currently it has been an amazing opportunity to work with others around campus and to really become connected like never before.”


For more information about Training please contact:

Human Resources at (219) 785-5354