Medical Insurance

Purdue gives you several medical options from which to choose. Choice gives you flexibility – and with flexibility comes responsibility.

You’re responsible for choosing the medical plan that’s best for you and your family. You’re responsible for understanding your chosen plan so that you get the full benefits of its features and for keeping up with which providers are in your plan’s network.

Health Coverage

At Find a network doctor or lab, manage claims and balances, request a new ID card.  Anthem Member Services: 1-855-502-6365

2014 Medical Plans

Understanding and Managing Your Health Savings Account (HSA) Medical Plan

Current Medical Premiums
Preventative  Health Coverage – Quick Reference Guide
Prescription Coverage

Express Scripts Website
Express Scripts  Customer Service: 877-845-2795

Lab Coverage

Castlight is a new benefit tool which allows you to easily compare prices and read patient reviews for doctors and medical services. Castlight is a free service for Purdue employees and their spouses/same-sex domestic partners and adult dependents who are covered on a Purdue medical plan.

Castlight services by phone: 888-272-9572

Vision Insurance


For more information, or if you have questions, please contact:

Kyle Mulcrone, Benefits Administrator
(219) 785-5301