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Who is eligible to apply?

We invite applications from prospective freshmen, transfer students, and current PNC students with at least 60 credit hours left to complete.  Applications to the program is competitive.  It is unlikely that students with a GPA below 3.5 will be admitted.

Is the Honors Program for me?

If you thrive on intellectual challenges, love learning, and want to get involved at PNC, the Honors Program might be for you. For new PNC students, joining the Honors Program is a great way to meet other students and faculty and get connected to the campus.

As a new Honors Program member, you’ll be matched with a peer mentor, another honors student who is dedicated to helping you thrive in the Honors Program and at PNC. You’ll also be assigned an honors faculty advisor, a PNC professor who will help you plan your honors coursework and will be a resource for you throughout your time in college.

All students in the program take honors courses, where they work one-on-one with a professor on a special enrichment project tailored to their interests. If you join the Honors Program before your freshman year, you’ll also have the opportunity to take a special, honors-only section of GS 19100: First-Year Experience, an interdisciplinary freshman seminar that fulfills general education credit in many PNC majors.

As a member of the Honors Program, you’ll also participate in intellectual and artistic events in the community and join a community of high achieving students. You’ll have the opportunity to pursue research with a faculty member, to attend undergraduate research conferences, to receive extra mentoring on postgraduate fellowship opportunities, and to become a leader shaping the future of the program.

Honors Freshmen 2014

Honors Freshmen 2014

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