Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal regulations require institutions to establish and monitor standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress for students receiving federal aid. In addition, all state program regulations (Frank O’Bannon Grant, Twenty-First Century Scholars, etc.) require students to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress criteria established for federal student aid. The student’s official academic record maintained by the Office of the Registrar is reviewed to determine student compliance with this policy.

Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress standards may differ from the Academic Probation standards. Satisfactory Academic Progress status is updated each semester after grades have been posted. Satisfactory Academic Progress standards are changing effective fall 2015; status calculated for spring 2016. The standards for financial aid recipients are:

Pace – Minimum overall and semester completion rate of 67% or greater
Overall earned credit hours >= .67 x Overall attempted credit hours (including transfer credit)
Semester earned credit hours >= .67 x Semester attempted credit hours
Timeframe – Maximum total attempted credit hours
Undergraduate: 180 overall attempted credit hour maximum (120 credit hours x 150%)
GPA – Minimum cumulative GPA and minimum semester GPA
Undergraduate: 2.0 or greater
Graduate: 3.0 or greater

Understanding Satisfactory Academic Progress quick reference sheet

You will receive an email sent to your PNC email and personal email letting you know when your status has been updated. A message will also be posted to self-service Banner (SSB) related to your status. If your status is:

  • Satisfactory – you continue to remain eligible for financial aid;
  • Warning or Probation – you continue to remain eligible for financial aid, however, you must meet all Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements in order to receive financial aid in future terms;
  • Ineligible – you are not eligible for financial aid until you once again meet all Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements or have an approved appeal and academic plan. Note: you are not eligible to receive financial aid if you have been academically dismissed.

Students placed in an “Ineligible” status will receive a separate email notification. Students with extenuating circumstances beyond their control may submit an appeal to the Financial Aid Office. The priority deadline for submitting an appeal is the end of the second week of classes for the upcoming semester. The last day to submit an appeal for the spring 2016 semester is April 8, 2016.

Statements submitted with the Satisfactory Academic Progress appeal should follow the format as outlined below:

  1. Explain the situation which affected your academic performance and the dates of your mitigating circumstances.
  2. Explain how your life circumstances have changed or what steps have been taken to support your efforts to achieve Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  3. Explain how these changes or steps will ensure academic success if your appeal is approved.

A tutorial is available showing you how to View your Attempted Hours, Earned Hours and GPA.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy and Forms

Academic Resources

We encourage you to meet with your Academic Advisor or Faculty Mentor to review your academic progress.

You are also invited to take advantage of the services offered by the Student Success Center to achieve your academic goals. The Student Success Center is located in the Library, Student and Faculty (LSF) Building, Room 202. The following services are available in the Student Success Center:

  • Drop-in Tutoring – no appointment needed
  • Time-Management Counseling
  • Improving your Study Skills and Study Groups
  • Placement Testing and more!

Contact the Student Success Center at (219) 785-5326.