Financial Aid Checklist

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  The FAFSA is a free application; avoid scams requesting payment to complete the FAFSA. The Office of Financial Aid can help you with FAFSA questions if you need assistance.
    • To qualify for federal student aid you have to meet certain eligibility criteria.
    • Create a Federal Student Aid ID. An FSA ID (username and password) is used as your electronic signature.
    • The federal school code for Purdue University North Central is 001826.
    • The FAFSA must be received by the federal processor on or before March 10 each year in order for you to be considered for state aid (list 001826 as your first choice if you will attend Purdue North Central).
    • More information is available at How to Apply for Financial Aid.
  2. Research scholarship information at the Scholarships at PNC webpage. Scholarships are a type of gift aid that may provide you with free money for college.  PNC students are awarded institutional scholarships based on donor requirements, student qualifications and fund availability. Continue searching for scholarships throughout the year; deadlines vary and new scholarships are added.
  3. Submit all required documentation. After your FAFSA is processed, you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR). The SAR is a summary of your FAFSA data and will display your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) which is used to determine your aid eligibility. Your FAFSA will also be received by Purdue North Central and the Indiana Division of Student Financial Aid (SFA)
    • If your file has been selected for verification or additional documentation is requested, PNC will notify you by email and through messages on Self-Service Banner.
    • Provide all requested documentation to the Financial Aid Office in order to complete your file and receive your financial aid award package. Note: all state aid edits must be resolved by the May 15 state edit deadline each year. 
    • Verification processing may take 2 – 6 weeks depending upon the volume of verification files. Turn in your required documents as soon as possible!
  4. Review your Award Notification.  Once your FAFSA has been received and processed and all requirements have been met watch for your financial aid award package. Your awards will be based on your Expected Family Contribution (EFC), grade level, enrollment status and other factors. Click on How Aid is Calculated for more information.
    • Monitor Self-Service Banner and watch for an email from PNC regarding your award notification.
    • Accept or decline your awards in Self-Service Banner. Learn more about Viewing and Accepting Awards on the Tutorials webpage.
  5. Complete Loan Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note (MPN) at If you are a first-time borrower at PNC and have accepted loans you will need to complete this step before your loans will be disbursed (paid) to your account. If you are offered a subsidized Stafford loan, accept it before your unsubsidized Stafford loan. Learn more about loans on the Direct Loan Information webpage.
  6. Confirm your enrollment and accept charges for fees prior to the invoice due date each semester.  In order for your financial aid to post to your account you must confirm your enrollment and accept your charges prior to the invoice due date each semester.  Use the Confirming Enrollment tutorial for assistance.
  7. Pay your charges and receive your refund, if eligible. Your financial aid will be applied to your current tuition and fee charges first.
    • If financial aid is cancelled or does not pay all tuition and fees, you are responsible for the remaining charges.
    • Avoid having your classes dropped by setting up a payment plan or requesting a payment extension with the Office of Financial Aid (you must qualify).
    • If the amount of your refundable financial aid is greater than your bill for the semester tuition and fees you will receive a refund from the Bursar’s Office via direct deposit or paper check.  Learn how to set up direct deposit on the Tutorials webpage.
  8. Continue to monitor your PNC student e-mail and Self-Service Banner daily for messages and information from the Financial Aid Office. Any changes to your enrollment or other eligibility factors could result in a change to your financial aid and may result in a balance due. Refunds issued to you that you are no longer eligible for must be returned to the University.
  9. Maintain your eligibility for financial aid. You are required to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress, file a FAFSA each year, complete all required financial aid documents and information in Self-Service Banner and maintain all other eligibility criteria.

Financial Aid Process Presentation