Bachelor’s Degree and Minor Programs

Bachelor’s Degree

English majors at PNC learn to interpret literary and artistic texts (in all media, including film, television, and web) as well as historical documents and works of theory as the products of complex social processes.  By reading and responding to texts produced to meet changing cultural needs over a wide range of historical periods, students develop an empathy for human struggles, and with it, the understanding demanded by our contemporary dilemmas.

Not only do English majors acquire skills valued by today’s job market -in research, close analysis of information, and articulate, persuasive self-expression – they also gain a thorough knowledge of the history and development of the English language and British, American, world, and ethnic literatures within the context of a changing global society.  As students learn how others have come to articulate their world views, they also become critical thinkers who can effectively communicate with others.

For a list of specific classes and requirements for the English Major, download the Degree Requirements List (DLR).

English & Modern Language Minors

Below are the specific minors offered.  Click on the name to download a bingo sheet for the requirements for each:

  • English Literature
  • Creative and Professional Writing
  • Spanish Minor
  • Latin American Studies Minor
  • Gender-Studies-Minor – Drawing from several academic disciplines, this interdisciplinary minor will benefit students seeking careers in, for example, journalism, health care, psychology and counseling, human resource management, public relations, advertising, the media, social work, social service, public and higher education, law, medicine, and public administration.  It will also complement student preparation for graduate education in the social sciences and humanities, for example in literary studies, and for professional schools in law, social work, and medicine.

English For Non-Majors

Colleges and employers everywhere know the value of training in composition and literary studies.  Purdue North Central requires a semester of composition, and many programs require two; in addition, the General Education Core Curriculum designates many English courses as fulfilling requirements in such areas as Western Heritage, United States Tradition, Aesthetic Awareness, Gender Issues, and Racial & Ethnic Diversity.

To aid all students of English in all their courses, the Writing Center helps all PNC students who are working on writing projects for any class.

Modern Languages

Purdue North Central offers several courses in American Sign Language (ASL), French, German, and Spanish, as well as Latin American Literature. Check the current course descriptions for more details.

Prior to enrolling in a foreign language class, please visit Foreign Language Placement Test site for more information on testing out of a beginning level foreign language class.