Certified Background Criminal History Checks

As you know, many education courses have field experiences in a school and/or public setting. A current background check is required before you can participate in any of these experiences.

Certified Background is the company that the education program utilizes for it’s background checks.   Each year, you will be required to apply for either your initial background check or reapply for your annual update through Certified Background at the link below.

If you are applying for your initial background check, the cost is $30.00 and you will enter CODE: PU25. If you completed a background check within the last year, then enter CODE: 25RE and your cost will be $25.00.

Please remember, each year it is your responsibility to file for a recheck before the expiration date. With the new company, Certified Background, you will have the ability to go in and check out your own report and, if necessary, print it off for the field experience location.

If you have any issues that are revealed on your background check, please bring this to the attention of your professor immediately and he/she will work with you on steps you can take to gain permission to enter the school environment. It is always best for you to bring this to our attention, as we also check the reports and it will be much more of a problem if we find out after you have been in the school environment. Most issues can be resolved in a matter that will allow you to continue in education. Remember, we are here to help you be successful.

Please remember to keep current on your background checks!

Initial background check:                   CODE:  PU25                  $30.00
Annual rechecks:                                    CODE: PU25RE             $25.00

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