What is Respondus?

Respondus is a powerful software application used to create and manage exams. Exams can be printed or published directly to Blackboard Learn. Tests can be built using a word processor and easily imported into the Respondus application.  This application also works with LockDown Browser, so an instructor can require that a student must use that application when taking an exam.

Obtaining Respondus

Each year after July 31, you must request the new version of the client software for Respondus 4.0 along with a file that contains the information to complete the installation process. To do this, email and information will be sent to you, including a new license key and the software download.

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Video Tutorials

Using Respondus to upload an exam into Blackboard

Alternate video with sample Word document template

Other Respondus Video Tutorials Links

Randomizing Test Questions

Text Guides

Download Page

User Guide for BlackBoard Learn Integration (PDF–by Purdue Calumet)

User Guide for BlackBoard Learn Integration (PDF–by Respondus)

Quick Start Guide (PDF from Respondus)

Formatting your Word documents for specific types of questions

Looking for Respondus LockDown Browser or Monitor?

Click here to go to the Respondus LockDown Browser page.

Click here for the Respondus Monitor page.