Proctor U

Proctor U is a service that allows you to provide proctoring for online students taking exams. Using a webcam and high-speed Internet connection, students can take exams from anywhere, and instructors can feel more at ease knowing that they are working in a safe environment.

To find out more information about ProctorU, including watching a demonstration video and scheduling an exam, visit the PNC ProctorU Portal.

To set up an exam to be taken by students through ProctorU, visit and follow the directions provided.

To take a test, students will set up their own personal account at the ProctorU website and schedule their exam based on available time blocks and the due dates you previously set up for the exam (following the instructions in the link above). Note that students will need to pay a one-time fee for each exam that is taken through ProctorU, and the price is determined by the exam length. For most tests, the price will be between $17 and $25 per exam. If you are requiring students to use ProctorU for exams in your course, you may wish to put information about these additional course fees in your syllabus so that students are aware of the cost.