Moving Files from Vista to Learn

Blackboard Learn will be the only supported learning management system beginning January 2013.  However, faculty will be able to access files from their Vista courses until Dec. 2013.

Access Vista at

Unfortunately, we will NOT have the capability to copy entire courses into Learn.  Please refer to the below directions to move your files or submit a help ticket at: if you require additional assistance.

Zip files out of Vista

In order to move your files out of Vista, you can Zip them and save them to a location on your computer of choice (flash drive, hard drive, home pc, laptop, etc.)  We recommend saving this Zip file to at least 2 locations).

Move files out of Vista using zip method.pdf

Move files into Learn

Build Content: You can simply add the former Vista files into your new Learn course as you choose by using the “Build Content” feature in Learn.  It will allow you to “Browse” your computer for the desired files to add.

Web Folders: You can create a “Web Folder” on your computer that will allow you to drag and drop certain files that you have Zipped out of Vista and saved to your computer into your course file storage area in BB Learn.  Note: You will still have to use the “Build Content” feature to add these files into the course where desired.  The web folder simply helps you to store them in the course file storage area known as content collection.  Otherwise, you may just choose to store them on your own computer or drive.

Create a web folder and move files into Learn.pdf

Create a web folder and move files into Learn – VIDEO

BB Drive:  This brand new application is currently being explored at PNC as another possible means of moving and managing your files in your Blackboard Learn courses.  BlackBoard Drive is available in S:\ drive, under PNC Employee and the Software folder.