The iClicker Classroom Performance System can add interactivity to any size class and provide real time feedback in regard to student performance. This new and improved system replaces the former eInstruction and consists of a radio frequency receiver in the classroom and response “remote clickers” in the hands of the students. Instructors simply use a portable flash drive to integrate this technology into their teaching. Students can purchase these through the bookstore once the instructor has placed the order.  Try them out! 

iClickers can help you to:

  • Monitor attendance
  • Gain instant student feedback
  • Adjust instruction accordingly
  • Conduct ad-hoc quizzes or debates
  • Allow for student anonymity

If you are interested in trying this new technology, TWO class sets are now available for check-out.  Two different base stations are available, and can be checked out with any from 10 to 40 student clickers.

These sets may be checked out on a first-come, first-serve or a prescheduled basis at the Library Circulation Desk. A “quick start” guide and manual are included in the bag you will receive.  For additional information or training, contact Staci Trekles at atrekles@pnc.edu.

To get started with iClickers after you have obtained the devices, click on the download link below and select the most recent version (6.2) and save to a portable “flash” drive.

Download  iClicker Software Here

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