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Make Course Available/Unavailable

This will allow an instructor to make their course available before the beginning of term. This option is also useful to re-open the course to students who may need access to previous content to finish an assignment or exam after the semester ends.

Copying Course Materials across Sections

Managing Your Due Dates

Working in the Grade Center

Allowing different test attempts/settings for individual students

Merging Course Sections

If you wish to merge course sections of similar courses/sections that you teach into on BlackBoard course, you may now do so from the Utilities tab in BlackBoard through the new Self-Service Course Merge Tool. Be sure to create your merge BEFORE adding content to the course, if possible.

Also, note that you must be enrolled in all course sections you wish to merge – if you are not, please log a ticket with Information Services to request your merge instead.

LockDown Browser

Retention Center and Student Tracking

Create a Course Welcome Banner

  • Create a Custom Banner (PDF) (Faculty can create custom banner images and upload them into each of their Blackboard Learn courses. These banners can be saved online and edited each semester, if desired.)

Hiding Courses on your My Blackboard Page

Linking to Textbook Materials Online

Note that you may need to verify settings such as access codes with your textbook publisher. You may need to check with your publisher representative if you have specific questions about tools such Pearson MyLab/Mastering and McGraw Hill Connect.