Getting Started – Blackboard Help

Abstract depiction of people learning and building a structure togetherGetting Started Tips!

Create a Master (DEV) Course

This will allow you to create a developmental area that you can later “copy” into your live course.

Course Copy and Date Management

Ready to roll over your content and due dates from one semester to the next? Check out these handy tutorials to show you how easy it can be to move content and dates over to your new course sections.

Password Issues

Due to the fact that BB Learn authenticates through West Lafayette, you may need to change your password if you are NOT able to access your Learn courses (see PDF below for instructions):

Enrollment Manager

Enroll course graders, builders, instructors, TA’s, etc. into course

Hiding Courses in your MyCourses box

You can easily hide courses in your MyCourses box with a few simple steps.


Respondus is a program used to create and upload exams to Blackboard Learn. In addition, Respondus LockDown Browser is another program available that can limit student’s ability to access an exam unless they are using this specialized browser.

Visit the Respondus page or Respondus LockDown Browser page for more information.

Looking for Respondus training videos? Click here