Course Evaluation

Students and faculty will use the BlackBoard Course Management System for end-of-course evaluations. At the end of each term, students receive emails encouraging them to log into BlackBoard to participate in a brief survey about their course experience. These surveys are completely anonymous, and it is important for all students to fill these surveys out for each of their courses, each semester.


To access your evaluation, simply click on the link sent to you in your email during the evaluation period, held toward the end of each term. You may also log into BlackBoard, enter any of your courses, and click on the button at the top of the screen to Start Survey.

Click the banner at the top of your course that says Take Survey


Please follow these directions to access your evaluation results:

When you get into Blackboard, you need to open your course. Then there should be a banner and button at the top of the screen indicating that you can View Results.

Click the banner at the top of your course that says View Results

Once you click there you may review your results from your course onscreen. If you wish to print your results, please go to Print Report and choose “Printable View with Comments” then you can see/print the comments. Results can also be downloaded and saved for later viewing.

To review a tutorial on how to download your comments, please click here.