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Video Express Room

There’s something exciting going on in LSF-253 – schedule your appointment soon to come out and get a tour of the new Video Express Room! Here, you can create your own high-quality, professional lectures and other recordings quickly and painlessly. Learn more about Video Express here.

Fall Workshop Schedule and e-Newsletter

Calendar with the word "new" written on itPlanning your fall semester? Want to find out what you missed this summer? Read our Fall 2015 e-Newsletter for the latest and greatest!

Also, check out our Fall Calendar for all of our upcoming workshops and other professional development! From lunchtime sessions to in-depth BlackBoard workshops to special technology showcases, we have something coming up for everyone.

Sign-up for workshops is generally not required; however, if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at

Mentoring fosters relationships and helps improve collaboration in an organization

Join the Mentorship Program for 2015-2016!

Want to get more help in designing and improving the quality of a hybrid, face-to-face, or online course? Become a Faculty Developer in our 2015-2016 Technology Mentorship Program cohort! There are many wonderful things you will learn, and you’ll get a chance to connect with great people. Learn more at our Technology Mentorship Program page, and inquire or sign up by contacting Staci Trekles at

About the OLT

Welcome! We are enthusiastic about our mission to assist faculty as they incorporate new technologies into their teaching. As technology becomes more prevalent in the education environment, it is more important than ever that pedagogically effective uses remain the focus. We aim to:

  • Provide access and support for Technology Teaching Tools
  • Provide consulting and professional development for Instructional Design/ Redesign
  • Improve the quality of Online and Hybrid Courses

Our office can help you accomplish your goals when it comes to designing face-to-face, hybrid, and online learning materials, using instructional design theory and optimum technology integration. We can also provide training on the Web, in person, and in workshops and online seminars for a range of needs and tools. Please review the menus above to explore our workshop recordings, tutorials, and other available resources.


Learn more about us and the many tools available to you here on this site by using the menus at the top and right. Or, contact us on our Facebook or Twitter pages, send us an email, call, or stop by. We look forward to working with you!



Office: TECH 206 (office) and TECH 298 (lab)