Information for PNC Faculty and Advisors

If you have students that are in need of some direction in either choosing or changing their major or career choice, they may benefit from the Free Career Testing Websites on this website.

The Dean of Students’ Office is using the following Career Programs:

  • Indiana Career Explorer
  • Holland Code Quiz

Students can contact Allana Burke at if they need help or have questions.

It is highly suggested that students meet with Allana Burke to review their results and learn how to connect their personal information to careers and majors. If you are interested in a classroom presentation or in making any of these Career Programs a requirement for your class, she is able to help you.

High School Counselors

If you would like a workshop scheduled at PNC Porter County or at your school, please contact: Workshops are held at PPC Graduate Building in Valparaiso. High School visits may be arranged upon request.