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Purdue Hymn

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The school song. Music by Edward S. Wotawa, BSSC ’12; words by James R. Morrison, S 1915.

Morrison wrote the words circa 1912 and sent them to Wotawa, who put them to music. Originally carrying the title “Purdue War Song,” “Hail Purdue” was published with a 1913 copyright and dedicated to the Varsity Glee Club. Wotawa had been a member of the Glee Club.


The Purdue Board of Trustees approved the song “Purdue Hymn” as the official alma mater of the University on February 5, 1993.

Words and music were written by Alfred B. Kirchhoff in 1941. Kirchhoff did graduate study at Purdue while serving as a teacher, principal, choirmaster, organist, and youth leader at St. James Lutheran Church and School in Lafayette from 1932–48.

Purdue Musical Organization’s University Choir first performed the hymn on March 6, 1943, during a convocation in the Purdue (now Elliott) Hall of Music. Fifty years later, it was adopted by the trustees as the University’s official anthem in response to petitions by hundreds of students and alumni.