Graduation and Commencement

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Purdue University North Central’s Next Commencement Ceremony Will Be Held:

Location: Purdue University North Central
Student Services and Athletic Complex


What does Graduation mean?

This implies the finishing and awarding of a degree on an academic transcript. For this to occur the following must take place;

  1. Apply to graduate (via myPNC or in person)
  2. Academic audit performed and approved by awarding department(s)
  3. Complete all requirements set forth by department(s)
  4. Awards posted to academic transcript

In order to graduate a student must first take the step of applying for graduation. A student must apply to graduate during (or prior to) the term in which they wish to receive their degree. This can be done via the myPNC portalStudent BannerGraduation Application, or in person in the Office of the Registrar in SWRZ 40. After the application is submitted, the audit phase begins. The department in which you are seeking your degree will audit your academic record. Among the things they are looking for are; all required courses taken (or registered for), minimum grades earned in all courses, minimum overall GPA earned (2.00), and any requirements that are specific to that degree. Audits happen in two phases; Phase I: Preliminary and Phase II: Final. Phase I will take place early in the semester. Auditors will be checking to ensure that you are on track–accounting for the courses that you are currently registered for–pending final grades at the end of the term. Phase II will occur after finals week is over and final grades have been reported by all instructors. During the fall term this could take longer because of the encroaching holiday’s. If at any time during the audit phase an issue is uncovered you will be contacted through your student e-mail. We will let you know the following; 1) there is an issue and what the issue is, and 2) [who you need to contact/what you need to do] in order to resolve the issue. After your degree is awarded and diplomas are printed you will be notified by mail that it is ready to be picked up.

What does Commencement mean? 

This is the ceremony portion. As a recognition of your years of hard work we would like to invite you and your loved ones to participate in the commencement exercises in May for your graduating class. All students eligible to attend the ceremony will be notified by USPS mail early in the spring term. There is no formal RSVP procedure. All you will need to do is purchase a cap and gown, the instructions on how to do this will be provided in the letter you will receive. It is vitally important that you keep your address current with the University after your departure so that you receive your invitation. Once we have received your cap and gown order from the bookstore you will be placed on a list of attendees and you will receive another mailing in late March or early April with information about the ceremony, all of which can be found here on this web site. If you have not picked up your diploma or are a spring graduate attending commencement you will receive your diploma on stage during the ceremony. If you are a student who is participating in the ceremony early, but has not yet graduated or you have already picked up your diploma you will receive an empty diploma cover. These should be returned after the ceremony with your cap and gown rental. A student is not required to attend the ceremony in order to graduate. However, we would encourage you to do so. Please be aware that participating in the ceremony DOES NOT mean one has graduated.

Commencement Information

Commencement Information for Candidates and Guests (PDF)
Tassel Color Chart

Applicable University Policies

Requirements for Degrees
Earning Your Degree – Your Responsibilities
Degree Only Fee  (for students who are not enrolled at a Purdue campus)