On Campus Student Employment

On Campus Student Employment

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Each year Purdue University North Central students work in many different departments all across our campus. Students work in a variety of roles including information technology, research, campus communications, office administration and more. They act as a integral part of making the university run smoothly, while gaining skills that will help them in their future professional positions.

How to Find Employment On Campus

  1. Students who wish to work on campus must complete an online Application for On Campus Student Employment for the Spring of 2015.
  2. Students who are eligible for Federal Work Study (FWS) are responsible for accepting their Work Study award in the Self Service Student Banner account.
  3. All On Campus Student Employment opportunities, including FWS, are posted on the campus job board, CareerTrax.

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How to Access CareerTrax:

  • Student Users: Enter your PUID as your user name, and enter your password. If you forgotten your password, please click, FORGOT PASSWORD.
  • New Student Users: Please enter your PUID as your user ID and click FORGOT PASSWORD, to get a unique password emailed to you. You will need to change your password once you have successfully logged in the MY PROFILE section.
  1. Students should submit a resume for immediate consideration for any On Campus Student Employment opportunity for which they qualify.
  2. Students are encouraged to follow up on all online resume submissions with the Hiring Supervisor, listed in the job posting to express their interest in the open position.
  3. The Hiring Supervisor may want to interview you, so be prepared!
  4. Once the offer of employment has been made, your Supervisor will schedule you to meet with University Human Resources to complete your On Campus Student Employment paperwork and onboarding.
  5. Your Supervisor will provide an additional Department specific training to familiarize you with Department and University policies and procedures.

Types of Employment On Campus

Federal Work Study (FWS)
The FWS program is a type of financial aid that provides the opportunity to earn money toward the cost of school by working on campus. Students must indicate on their FASFA that they are interested in FWS, and if they are awarded a FWS package, they must accept that award through Banner Self Service. Most FWS positions are on campus, however, some positions may be located off campus with a community based partner or non-profit and/or public agency.

Student Employment
On campus employment that is funded through university departments. Student employment is on campus only.

Temporary Employment
This type of work is done on a short-term, as needed basis for a variety of positions and occurrences. This work may or may not relate to your major.

Project Work
Similar to an internship or an undergraduate research project, this is work that a department asks you to do in relation to your major or past experience.

Graduate Aid Positions
To be eligible to hold a graduate aid position during any semester, you must be enrolled as a graduate student in a degree seeking or teacher licensure program and be registered for at least 3 credit hours during the entire length of the position. To obtain a graduate aide position, inquire within your academic department.


On Campus Student Employment Eligibility Requirements


Type of Employment
Allowable Work Hours
Other Considerations
Federal Work Study (FWS) Hours worked per week are based on award amount, hourly rate of pay and number of weeks to be worked during semester. Please see FWS Calculator for more info.Students cannot exceed 29 hours a week, or 8 hours per day.
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress as determined by the Office of Financial Aid
  • It is recommended that students be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours for any semester you are applying for a Federal Work Study position (Spring, Summer, Fall)
  • Students must indicate interest in Federal Work Study on their completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • For summer Work Study positions students must have a filed FAFSA for both the current year and the upcoming year
Student Employment (non-FWS) 20 hours per week or less
  • Must be enrolled for the current semester
  • Must be in good academic standing (2.0 G.P.A. or higher)
  • Individual Departments on campus may have G.P.A. requirements
  • Individual Departments on campus may require the successful completion of a Criminal Background Check
Temporary Employment/Project Work/Internship Hours of work may vary based on the length of project or temporary assignment. Hours worked toward an internship for academic credit is determined by the faculty advisor.
  • Must be enrolled for the current semester
  • Must be in good academic standing
  • Must meet Departmental Internship program requirements as defined by the academic program
Graduate Aid Based on Capacity Utilization Level (CUL) and if the appointment is for the Academic Year or Fiscal Year.
  • Must be enrolled as a student in a graduate degree or teacher license program
  • Must be registered for at least 3 credit hours in graduate level coursework
International Students F-1 students are eligible to work on campus no more than 20 hours per week during the academic semester. During semester break and summer they may work full time.
  • On Campus Employment is not permitted after degree is awarded unless the student has been issued an I-20 visa with the intent to enroll in a new program the next semester