Campus Relations

Our Objectives are:

  • To market and promote PNC primarily as a baccalaureate granting university to prospective students, decision makers, and stakeholders
  • Through media relationships, raise community awareness of PNC as a university resource
  • Support PNC departments in the creation of their materials – ongoing and special events
  • Advance PNC as a cultural, artistic, and educational resource

Campus Relations/Marketing Services:

  • Conceives, designs and executes communication strategies through campaigns, events, which include print, outdoor, web, electronic (TV), plan and buy media
  • Provides graphic design services to the campus community, including design, production and print management for all items produced by campus relations
  • Provides photographic services. Maintains online imagery catalog and photo archive
  • Produces campus publications, applications, view books, literary journals, events-related items
  • Enforces campus-wide graphic standards
  • Programs digital billboards
  • Creates and distributes all media advertising including print, electronic and outdoor advertising
  • Promotes campus events to students and surrounding communities
  • Administers, designs, maintains and ensures policy enforcement of the PNC website
  • Administers the official PNC fan page on Facebook
  • Designs, creates and publishes monthly PNC e-newsletter
  • Provides through media and community relations, strategic stream of news releases, media relations, copy, proofing, editorials and news columns; also writing of brochures and print information, web information for public
  • Distributes and tracks PNC news releases to media outlets. Maintains news archives.
  • Supports PNC departments in production of print publications – EconTrends, Purdue West Lafayette informational requests,
  • Responsible for Odyssey Arts and Culture program. Compiling and disseminating campus information via all media and engaging and encouraging community on-site visits.
  • Organizes and hosts Odyssey Arts and Cultural events including on-going sculpture and art exhibits, film showings, special speakers, etc.
  • Arranges and hosts custom welcoming field trips for youth and adult groups
  • Showcases PNC at selected off-campus community events and meetings
  • Archives and installs art holdings
  • Hosts Academic Bowls and other invitationals suggested by Chancellor Dworkin
  • Plans and executes chancellor-sponsored events throughout the year
  • Develops and promotes branding of the University image and experience


Judy Jacobi
Assistant Vice Chancellor of Marketing and Campus Relations
(219) 785-5593
Carol Connelly
Director, Media & Communication Services
(219) 785-5267
Karen Prescott
Coordinator of Graphic Design, Photography and Printing
(219) 785-5280
Dana Krill
Web Content and
Communication Specialist
(219) 785-5676
Liz Bernel
Coordinator of Special Events and Marketing
(219) 785-5719
Rose Pomeroy
(219) 785-5268

Office Hours:

Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Mailing Address:

Campus Relations
1401 S. US Hwy 421
Westville, IN 46391

Contact Numbers:

  • Toll-Free in Indiana: (800) 872-1231, ext. 5268
  • LaPorte/Westville: 785-5268
  • Valpo/Portage: 462-4197, ext. 5268
  • Fax Number: (219) 785-5447