Building Our Future. Now.


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Building Our Future. Now. Campaign Progress:

campaign progress chart - $1 million has been raised so far. The goal is $6.421 million.

Thank you for your support!

From its humble beginnings as an extension center of Purdue University teaching only technical courses, Purdue University North Central has grown into a full-fledged university that is effectively serving its students, revolutionizing the face of the commuter campus, and positively impacting the future of its community.


Purdue University North Central is dedicated to providing access to exceptional educational opportunities and is committed to providing, assessing, and enhancing three elements fundamental to a great land grant university: learning, discovery and engagement.

PNC Values:

  • Education of high quality and integrity in an atmosphere that promotes lifelong learning through specific curricula that lead primarily to baccalaureate and master’s degrees sought by our constituents.
  • Growth and academic success opportunities for our constituents by establishing multiple partnerships that will utilize the abundant resources of our geographical area.
  • Good stewardship of all campus resources entrusted to this institution, particularly our human resources, while being fully aware of the responsibilities we carry for the environment in which we live and the energy we require to fulfill our mission.

All greatness is born out of the combination of passionate people, revolutionary ideas, and keen execution strategy. PNC has all three. Our vision is big and bold and with your help, we are poised to make it a reality.

Campaign Videos:

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Exterior SSAC Building



Please join us in building our Future. Now.
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