Finance and Business Services

Phil Jankowski

Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business Services
Phillip E. Jankowski

Responsibilities include:

  • The coordination and supervision of many of the business aspects of the Calumet and North Central Campuses, including the Operating Budget, Bursar’s Office, Accounting Services, and  Purchasing & General Services.
  • Risk Management
  • Tax Compliance
  • Contract Administration

Public Records Requests

For public records requests, please complete the Public Records Request Form.

Purdue University’s Enterprise-Wide Hotline

Purdue University North Central remains committed to providing an environment where individuals may report, in a simple anonymous way, suspected fraud, waste, or abuse of University assets, as well as, regulatory noncompliance. If you see or suspect unethical or illegal behavior, you may report your concerns anonymously through Purdue University’s enterprise-wide hotline. Visit or call toll free 1-866-818-2620.

Student Organizations Financial Manual

General operating procedures, deposit of funds, disbursing funds and student organization travel  procedures are listed in the Student Organization Financial Manual

Records Retention and Disposal Guidelines

Links to Purdue’s current Records Retention Schedule and the policy titled Assignment of Authority and Responsibility for the Retention and Disposal of University Records (V.B.3):

Records Retention Schedule

Assignment of Authority and Responsibility for the Retention and Disposal of University Records


Contact Information:

Phillip E. Jankowski                                                                   Angel D. Cable
1401 South US Highway 421                                                    Assistant for Finance & Business Services
Westville, Indiana 46391                                                          Phone:  (219) 785-5531
Telephone number: 219-785-5404                                           Email:
Fax number: 219-785-5402