Confirm Your Fall 2014 Enrollment

Log in to to confirm your enrollment and pay your fees by August 8. If you fail to do so, you will be dropped from your courses. Contact your advisor or financial aid for assistance.

Summer & Fall 2014 Registration Dates

Contact your advisor to make an appointment to register for Summer and Fall 2014. Registration will begin:

Wednesday, Nov. 13: Veterans and Seniors
Thursday, Nov. 14:  Juniors
Friday, Nov. 15: Sophomores
Monday, Nov. 18: Freshmen
Tuesday, Nov. 19: Open to all students *Enrollment Day* 

November 22 – Last Day To Drop

November 22 is the last day to drop a course this semester. You will receive a grade for every course that you are enrolled in after that date. Contact your advisor if you need to pick up a drop card or discuss whether it is a good idea for you to drop a course.

Do you need to drop a course?

If you are struggling with a course, please see your advisor ASAP. We can help you find tutoring, meet with the professor, and get extra help. As a last resort, we can withdraw you from the course rather than fail it. If you stop attending a course without first meeting with your advisor and filling out a drop card, you will receive an F.

The drop dates and refunds for the Fall 2015 semester are:

August 24-30
100 % Refund
August 31-September 6
60% Refund
September 7-13
40% Refund
September 14-20
20% Refund
September 22-November 20
0% Refund

September 23 – End Of Semester
0% Refund For Dropped Courses

Welcome to the new PNC Advising Page

Welcome to the newly redesigned PNC Advising Page. We will be updating this page regularly, so make sure to check often for important upcoming dates and information. If you have trouble accessing this page or would like to submit any problems or ideas, please contact JC White.


Confirm Enrollment & Pay Fees Before August 9

Make sure to log in to Student Banner and confirm your enrollment and pay all fees before August 9. If you fail to do so, YOU WILL BE DROPPED FROM ALL OF YOUR FALL COURSES.

Every. Single. Day.

Make sure you are checking your PNC email everyday.

To check your PNC email, click on the PNC portal link on the main page, or go to

Classes Begin August 26



Classes for the Fall 2013 semester begin August 26