Course Information

Concurrent Enrollment/Dual Credit Approved Course Descriptions

Students considering concurrent enrollment/dual credit courses will be able to check the transferability of these courses by submitting course titles, course numbers, course descriptions and number of credit hours to the admissions office of the university/college of their choice. Students are also able to check for the pre-requisites required for a concurrent enrollment/dual credit course. All of this information is included in the list of Concurrent Enrollment/Dual Credit Course Descriptions. This information is also available in our On-line Course Catalog.

CEP/Dual Credit Course Withdrawals

To withdraw from CEP/Dual Credit course credits, please complete the CEP Withdrawal Form, and turn into your guidance counselor. Your guidance counselor will fax the form to PNC.

Transferring CEP/DC Courses

Students enrolled in concurrent enrollment/dual credit courses establish a Purdue transcript. To transfer credits to another institution, a Purdue Transcript Request Form must be completed and sent by fax, email or US mail to Purdue West Lafayette. The student's transcript will be sent to the address(es) indicated on the form. There is no fee for transcripts.

Transfer Equivalency Self-Service is a web-based tool that allows you to see how academic credits you have earned at other institutions can be used towards a degree at Purdue University North Central.  Tell us what classes you took and where, and we will tell you how the course work will apply towards a specific program of study (degree) you wish to pursue at Purdue University North Central as part of our Degree Works on-line degree audit system.

Degree Works Logo logo allows high school and college students to see how their credits will transfer from college to college. The Core Transfer Library compiles a list of courses that will transfer among all Indiana public college and university campuses, assuming adequate grades.