Starting a Club or Organization

Students interested in starting a new club or organization on campus can use the following information to begin the process. The Student Government Association will notify the students petitioning if their club meets the qualifications to become a new club or organization on campus.

Process to Becoming a Student Club or Organization

STEP 1- Complete the Petition for New Student Club or Organization.
A student or group of students needs to receive 20 signatures on their petition, have a faculty/staff member as their club advisor and have established who the elected officers are.

STEP 2- Write a constitution and bylaws.
The constitution outline (see below) contains several items that must appear in each organization’s constitution according to Purdue University policy, which are in bold print. You may wish to include additional points that will provide more explicit guidelines for the organization of your group. Please remember that a well written constitution should contain all necessary information in concise language.

Sample Constitution & Bylaws

STEP 3- Petition Student Government Association to become a formal student organization.
Petition forms are available in the Student Government Office. A copy of the
constitution and slate of officers should accompany the petition. Student
Government will notify the proposed club of the decision. Student Government
will decide whether or not to include seed money ($50.00 in start up funds) with
their decision.

STEP 4- Establish a financial account.
Student Government will notify the Bursar’s Office of any new clubs approved.
A memo along with a copy of the petition and reference to the seed money should
be sent to the Bursar’s Office. The Bursar’s Office will request seed money from
the Student Government account. Allow two weeks for processing before
becoming a recognized student organization.

NOTE: To maintain the status as a recognized student organization:

• Revisions to your club or organizations constitution or bylaws must be submitted to the Office of Student Activities
• Officers and club members must be updated online using the Club Update Form. (This must be done within four weeks of the start of each semester)
• All clubs or organizations must have a representative attend the monthly Student Activities and Athletics Advisory Board meetings