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Accounting Club
The Accounting Club allows students to interact with one another, learn more about the Accounting profession and network with professionals while working toward giving back to the campus and community through service. The club is open to anyone, even non-accounting majors.
Astronomy Club
Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered what it was exactly you were looking at; or have seen shooting stars; or would like to get an even closer look of our Moon and Planets in our Solar System?
Then the Astronomy Club is here for you!
Want to find out about Dark Matter and Dark Energy and what all the talk is about? This is the place!
The Astronomy Club is here and ready to meet and discuss on hot topics and current journals that deals with all aspects in Cosmology.
For info, contact us at:
Find us on facebook:
Check out our Web Site:
Business Leadership Society
We are a club focused on student development in order to bridge the academic and professional divide.
Construction Club
The mission of the PNC Construction Club is to provide students pursuing Construction Management Engineering Technology (CEMT) degrees, Civil Engineering degrees or Business degrees with valuable resources to attain employment and insight on new industry technologies through networking, community service, seminars and hands on experience.
English Club
Our club is open to any English majors and English enthusiasts. Through activities including creative writing groups and fundraisers supporting literary awareness in the community, the English Club at PNC enriches students academically while encouraging budding young writers and readers to pursue literature. Opinions expressed on this site may not represent the official views of Purdue North Central.
Math Club
Provide a forum for PNC students to share news and articles related to Math.
MBA Leadership & Development Council
Purdue North Central MBA Leadership and Development Council
Omni-Arts Club
The Omni Arts club encourages students of all majors and various ranges of artistic ability to get their creative side to work.
Philosophy, Inter-Faith, Ethics (P.I.E.) Club
Philosophy should not be solely approached in the classroom; it should be integrated into our societal ideals, shaping the way we navigate through the world.
Physics Club
The PNC Physics Club is open to all students! We do fundraisers, go on field trips, put on fun physics demos, and most importantly have fun and share the love of physics. Our meetings are in the physics lab, Schwarz 220.
The mission of the Pre-Med club is to promote interest, develop skills, and create a support network for anyone studying to enter medical field.
Pre-Vet Club is for students who wish to go into the veterinary field, or who just truly love animals.
Psychology Club
The PNC Psychology Club aims to provide a setting for interactions between students, faculty, and community members to explore current topics and fields of study within the domain of Psychology and to promote general, mental health awareness on the PNC campus and in the surrounding communities.
Social Work Student Organization
Social Work Club allows students the opportunity to better their community while networking with others in the profession.
The Student Association for Nursing Development.Promoting health, wellness, education, and leadership opportunities within the profession of nursing.
Teacher's Networking Together
Membership into Teacher's Networking Together (TNT) is open and free to any Purdue North Central student preparing for a career or interested in education. We are dedicated to supporting undergraduate education majors at all levels through professional development opportunities. In addition, TNT has a strong focus on community work, including involvement with local schools and support of local educational programs.
• Promote interest among young adults who are interested in the education field.
• Provide members with opportunities for developing personal growth and professional competence.
• Provide opportunities for gaining and understanding of professional organizations.
• Provide opportunities for participation in cooperative work.
• Provide opportunities to contribute to the field of education.
• Promote higher standards of preparation.


American Sign Language
Have any interest in American Sign Language? Making new friends? Learning ASL? Come visit our website at where you will be kept informed about all upcoming events and plans the club has. Help us raise money for a good cause. You can also 'Like' us on Facebook. (Search for PNC ASL Club) If you have any questions feel free to contact us.
Circle K
Circle K is the collegiate aspect of the Kiwanis International family, and is known as the premier collegiate and university community service, leadership development, and friendship organization in the world.
Deans Leadership Group
DLG is a group of dynamic students who are dedicated to leadership and volunteerism at PNC and their community. One must submit an application in the spring semester at the Dean of Students Office, LSF 103. Each student is required to volunteer 50 hours a semester with a minimum of 30 hours at PNC. A SCHOLARSHIP is also included.
Delta Sigma Science Club
Delta Sigma Science Club is open to all students who are passionate about promoting the sciences on campus. We organize campus and community wide service events throughout the year.
Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)
PNC's Gay Straight Alliance is an active campus club bringing awareness to LGBT and No Hate.
Student Government
Student Government is voted on by the Student Body. We represent the students of PNC. Our main goal is to improve Student Life on campus by resolving issues.


College Improv
On the spot improvised games and skits!
Music Club
Music Club is for students and faculty that have musical ability and a deep love for music of all genres
Panther News Network
The Panther News Network (PNN) is a student ran communication network which covers campus events, news, student activities, athletics, and provides opportunities for new and prospective students to become involved on and around campus.
Table Top Gaming Club
We play pen and paper RPG's and Board Games.

Sports and Recreation

PNC Equestrian Team
The PNC Team competes in Hunt Seat and Western in the Intercolligate Horse Show Association against other universities. You do not need your own horse or any prior horse experience to compete. Membership on the PNC Equestrian Team is open to all full time PNC students who are in good academic standing.

For more information about the IHSA rules and regulations visit their website at

For more information about joining the PNC Equestrian Team please email Donielle at
SCA (Society for Creative Anachronisms)
The Society for Creative Anachronism (The SCA) is an international non-profit educational organization, dedicated to the preservation, research and recreation of the crafts, arts, and experiences of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
Ski and Snowboard Club
The purpose of this club is to promote snow skiing, snow boarding, and all other outdoor activities in the winter months

Honorary and Professional Organizations

Organizations in this category are closed groups, and have specific requirements to become a member.

Alpha Mu Pi Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta
The Alpha Mu Pi Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society is an academic honor society dedicated to promoting literacy, literature and language on campus and in the community. Membership in Alpha Mu Pi is open to English majors with the required GPA and number of English courses. For complete details on membership requirements, please contact the faculty sponsor.
Kappa Delta Pi
Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education, was founded in 1911 and was one of the first discipline-specific honor societies. Its membership is limited to the top 20 percent of those entering the field of education. Kappa Delta Pi claims over 600 chapters across North America and 45,000 total members. Its motto is "Knowledge, Duty, Power", and its mission is to sustain an honored community of diverse educators by promoting excellence and advancing scholarship, leadership, and service.

At PNC we have the KDP chapter Alpha, Alpha, Upsilon which began it's charter in 2002.
Lambda Pi Eta (Communication)
To recognize, foster and reward oustanding scholastic achievement and stimulate interest in the field of Communication
Psi Chi
For information on how to join please contact the Faculty Adviser, Dr. Hui Chu, via email
SEA (Student Education Association)
The SEA is a national association that works to better the future of education.
Tri Beta
Tri-Beta is a national biological honors society that aims to foster scientific research among its members.

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