Tobacco Cessation Programs & Premium Waiver


Tobacco-User Additional Premium

Cigarette-buttsThe Tobacco-User Additional Premium applies to all employees and spouses/same-sex domestic partners covered by a Purdue employee medical plan who are tobacco users and have not completed an approved tobacco cessation program.

To avoid the addition premium in 2014, employees must have certified during benefits open enrollment that they have been a non-tobacco users for the 12 months immediately prior to completing their enrollment or that they were a tobacco user who had completed an approved tobacco cessation program between September 1 – November 15, 2013.

How to get a Partial Waiver on Tobacco-User Additional Premium:

When you have been a non-tobacco user for at least 12 months, complete the Tobacco User Certification Form and submit it to: Human Resources, Purdue University, Freehafer Hall (401 South Grant Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907). Your additional premium will be waived on Purdue pays you receive during the rest of the calendar year, after allowing appropriate time for processing of your waiver.

For more information about the additional premium, visit the tobacco-user additional premium frequently asked questions page.

Tobacco-user additional premium

If you complete an approved tobacco cessation program by one of the dates below, your additional premium will be waived on all pay you receive in the calendar year on or after the listed waiver date .

  • Complete approved cessation program during designated fall timeframe to qualify for waiver of the additional premium beginning on Jan. 1 of the following calendar year.For January 2014, an approved program must be completed between Sept. 1 – Nov. 15, 2013.
  • Complete approved cessation program by Feb. 28 and qualify for waiver of the additional premium beginning on April 1.
  • Complete approved cessation program by May 30 and qualify for waiver of the additional premium beginning on July 1.
  • Complete approved cessation program by Aug. 31 and qualify for waiver of the additional premium beginning on Oct. 1.

Approved Tobacco Cessation Program Options:

Online Option: The Center for Healthy Living

The Center for Healthy Living offers two online options at no charge to benefits-eligible employees, plus their family members covered on a Purdue medical plan.

  1. Living Tobacco Free is a two-part, six-week program for those who are ready to quit or are thinking about quitting.
  2. Staying Tobacco Free is a four-week program targeted at those who have already quit.

The programs are accessible through the Center for Healthy Living portal.

  • Eligible employees: Log in with your Purdue career account username and password.
  • Spouses/same-sex domestic partners covered on a Purdue medical plan: Create an account by registering as a dependent.

After logging into the portal, please do the following to get started.

  • Click Programs/Challenges.
  • Click Add New Program.
  • If you are ready to quit or thinking about quitting tobacco, select Living Tobacco Free, Part One and Part Two. You will need to complete all six sessions to receive a waiver of the tobacco-user additional medical premium.
  • If you have already quit using tobacco, select Staying Tobacco Free.
  • Click Enroll.
  • Click Continue.
  • Your program will now appear and will be available from the Programs/Challenges link. Once you complete a session and submit, your next session will be available one week later. To begin sessions, click on the hyperlinked date beneath “Sessions Waiting.”

To learn more, or to receive assistance with accessing the portal, contact the Center for Healthy Living at 765-494-0111.

Classroom Option: Freedom From Smoking (PNC)

To help people along the journey to become a nonsmoker, the first three classes offer tips and techniques that prepare participants to quit smoking and the last three classes offer support. Sessions focus on thinking about quitting, relaxation, wanting to quit, quit day, winning strategies, the new you and saying quit. You must enroll in and complete this in-person program by attending at least five of the seven classes in the program.

Phone Option: Indiana Tobacco Quitline*

The Indiana Tobacco Quitline is available seven days a week. This program is provided by the state Department of Health, and it is available to all residents of Indiana. If you call from a number outside of Indiana, you will be connected to a Quitline for that location. Special notice: This program can only be completed once per year. If you have already completed this program, please select another option.

  • Available to employees and spouses/same-sex domestic partners at all campuses.
  • To receive credit for this approved tobacco cessation program you must:
    • REGISTER: Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) to start the program. A Quitline intake specialist will get your demographic information and register you in the program. You will then be transferred to a quit coach for your initial coaching call or you will be scheduled for an outbound call from the quit coach at a later date.
    • CALLS: Quit coach calls include assessment of status, review of stage of readiness to change, action items appropriate to status, discussion of triggers and barriers, setting a quit date and information/resources. During a coaching call, the quit coach schedules the timeframe for your next call. Should you miss a scheduled call, you can call in yourself to reach a quit coach.
    • TIMING: You will receive four calls with your quit coach. Generally, most people complete their four calls between six and twelve weeks. You may take longer than 12 weeks if needed, but you must not complete the four quit coach calls in shorter than six weeks.
    • SUBMIT YOUR LETTER OF COMPLETION: During your fourth call with your quit coach, you must request a “Letter of Completion.” Once you receive that in the mail, you will turn this letter in to Human Resources Service Center, Attn: Manju Jarori, FREH as evidence of completion.

Community Alternatives

If you take part in a tobacco cessation program through other campus resources, hospitals or community organizations, you may qualify for waiver of the tobacco-user surcharge, depending on the specifics of the offering.

Before taking part, contact Employee Wellness at (219) 785-5519 to review the details of the offering and find out if completion of the program will qualify you for the surcharge waiver. If the program qualifies, Employee Wellness will provide you with a Community Alternative form that you must have signed by the community program’s representative when you have finished the program.

Approved Local Community Alternatives:

IU Health LaPorte Hospital (two options):

  • Six-week group sessions are available throughout the year, at a cost of $60 per participant.
  • Individualized Intrinsic® one-on-one coaching is also available at a cost of $150.
  • For more information, call 219.326.2480.

Medical Alternatives

If you are unable to participate in a traditional program due to a medical condition, contact Employee Wellness at (219) 785-5519 to develop an alternative way to qualify for waiver of the tobacco-user premium.

Health Plan Coverage

For all Purdue health plans, the items listed below are covered 100 percent with no copay. You’re allowed up to a 180-day supply each year.

Over-the-counter items:

  • Nicotine gum
  • Nicotine lozenge
  • Nicotine transdermal patch


  • Chantix tabs, dose packs
  • Nicotine nasal spray
  • Nicotine inhalation
  • Bupropion 150 mg SR/Zyban 150mg

To get these products, take a physician’s prescription to your retail pharmacy.

Office visits only related to tobacco cessation are covered at 100 percent in-network for all Purdue medical plans. Make sure to tell your health care provider that the visit is to discuss tobacco cessation and to code it accordingly.

For questions about benefits, call (219) 785-5301 or visit the Benefits website.

Additional Information

Purdue North Central’s Smoke / Tobacco Policy is designed to support a healthy learning and work environment. Smoking and the use of tobacco in any form including the use of electronic smoking devices is prohibited at any PNC property. This policy applies to all PNC facilities and vehicles, owned or leased, regardless of location and any smoking, tobacco use, or the use of electronic smoking devices is prohibited in private vehicles parked on PNC property.