2nd Day of Wellness

Ten Tasty Ways to Color Your Holidays Healthy

Fruits and vegetables are the perfect holiday foods.  As nature’s vitamin pills, they are joyveggietraypacked with nutrients that help fight winter’s colds and infections.  As nature’s fast foods, thy are perfect to eat on-the-run during the hectic holiday season.  As nature’s bountiful rainbow, they can brighten any festive table.  Unfortunately, not many American adults gets the minimum amount.  Here are ten tasty ways you can change that and enjoy all the colors of holiday health.

  1. RED: Slice a red pepper onto a holiday pizza dinner.  Sprinkle dried cranberries into a spinach salad.  Stir tomato sauce and diced tomatoes into heart-warming chili.
  2. GREEN: Toss a festive salad with baby spinach leaves and lettuce in every shade of green: Romaine lettuce, Boston lettuce, Bibb lettuce and butter lettuce.
  3. WHITE: Use a cookie cutter to create turnip, rutabaga or jicama stars for a seasonal vegetable tray.  Grab a banana for a dashboard or desktop dining opportunities.
  4. GOLD: Mash Yukon gold potatoes with light sour cream for a favorite holiday comfort food.  Bake acorn or winter squash with a little olive oil and brown sugar or other seasoning.
  5. YELLOW: Saute summer squash and/or yellow peppers into a zesty vegetable medley.  Serve canned pineapple slices as a garnish or a naturally sweet dessert.
  6. ORANGE: Pour orange juice (calcium-fortified) into a morning juice glass.  Peel an orange for a refreshing snack.  Stir a can of mandarin oranges into a fruit salad.
  7. PINK: Enjoy half a pink grapefruit morning, noon or night.  Pour pink grapefruit juice into some apple juice for a layered “mocktail” in sunset hues.
  8. BLUE:  Sprinkle fresh blueberries into a bowl of cereal.  Add dried blueberries into a healthy snack mix.  Stir frozen or canned blueberries into vanilla or blueberry yogurt.
  9. PURPLE: Put fresh plums or dried plums (lemon, orange or cherry flavored prunes) into a brown bag lunch.  Include eggplant in a spicy Asian stir-fry.
  10. Eat the color way – every day! For optimal health, keep your eye on the prize: servings of colorful fruits and vegetables every day of the year.

Source: Eat Right Montana


Looking for some colorful winter recipes to make for your next holiday gathering, check out 20 Festive Holiday Vegetable Trays.

Mark on your calendar:

The colors of fruits and vegetable you ate today and the recommend daily amount of fruits and vegetables that you should be eating.  Please let me know if you try one of the recipes listed above.