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Purdue University North Central is committed to conserving and protecting the natural environment by treating the campus as a living laboratory and ensuring the campus facility operations are a model of environmental sustainability.

PNC strives for a culture of sustainability that is guided by these standards:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Increased recycling
  • Using green building practices to design and construct new buildings
  • Using green building guidelines to maximize efficiency of operations and minimize environmental impact
  • Monitoring and reducing the use of natural gas, electricity and water
  • Reducing the volume of our solid waste stream

News and Information

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new reusable mug available in the PNC cafeteria

New on Campus – Reusable Mugs Now Available

The folks of Purdue North Central Food Services are saying “Bottoms Up” – in a good cause! In partnership with PNC’s Sustainability Committee, the cafeteria is now featuring really attractive mugs at an initial cost of $4.50. The first day’s drinks are included and after that, you save a quarter every day the mug is used. It’s a win-win: the mugs are environmentally friendly, and the price couldn’t be better.

“We’re investigating every green solution we can find,” says Jim Sallee, Chair of PNC’s Sustainability Committee. “We’ve recently partnered with the Ecology Club, and great things are happening. These beverage mugs are our way of saying: It pays to recycle!”

More News:

PNC is accepting Going Green articles. Your contribution to our cause will automatically enter your article into the annual PNC writing contest. For more information, email the Sustainability Committee.

Sustainability Committee

PNC Chancellor James B. Dworkin formed the Sustainability Committee in 2010. This advisory committee is charged with identifying and recommending opportunities for sustainability initiatives and promoting awareness of sustainability issues on campus and in nearby communities.

sustainability committee

The 2012-13 committee members are:

  • Jim Sallee – Chairperson; Director of Facilities Management
  • Jerry Holt – Faculty representative; Assistant Professor of English; Acting Chair, English & Modern Languages
  • Derek Bjonback – Faculty representative; Associate Professor of Economics
  • Sara Soneye – Staff representative; Secretary
  • Lexie Evan – Student Representative

For more information, contact Jim Sallee at (219) 785-5667.

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