Wade Breitzke

Wade Breitzke

Wade Breitzke

During the past few years, Purdue University North Central graduate Wade Breitzke has been a part of dozens of weddings. A number of companies and organizations have sought him out for his help in growing their business and furthering their mission.
A small business owner, Breitzke plays a significant role in the community.

Breitzke earned his Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies in 2009 and every day since then he’s committed himself to his businesses 27 Entertainment and the recently formed Rockbox Creative.

When he created 27 Entertainment, he was the lone employee handing video production for short commercials, motion graphic projects and promotional pieces and serving as a wedding videographer, DJ and lighting expert.

As the business grew, he hired some PNC friends to help out as needed. Today he has four full-time and 12 part-time employees.
His hard work, attention to detail and willingness to do what it takes to succeed helped his business grow 350 percent in 2010 and more than 200 percent in 2011. He projects his revenue will double for 2012.

He spun off RockBox Creative to handle his commercial clients and is opening another location in Valparaiso and has plans for satellite offices in Michigan and Illinois.

“It’s been eat, sleep, breathe my job situation for the past couple years, but the payoff is totally worth it,” said Breitzke.

The support of his wife Cambria has been essential to his success.

As Breitzke reflects on his accomplishments since he earned his degree, he understands that his PNC education played a key role.
“PNC is huge part of the reason I’ve found success,” he explained. “I was told that my net worth is only as great as my network and PNC allowed me to build my local network while earning my degree. My connections, paired with the education I received, were a priceless combination. I can’t begin to describe how important the relationships I’ve built have been to the success of 27 Entertainment and RockBox Creative. The opportunity to build and maintain those relationships has been incredibly valuable.”

His work recently earned him recognition from the Northwest Indiana Small Business Development Center as its 2012 Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

In addition to his businesses, he has worked as a project director with the organization, A Positive Approach to Teen Health (PATH). He oversaw the evaluation, creation and implementation of the first year of a five-year $5 million grant.

At that time, he came to crossroad, “My business continued to grow and I had to make a choice – work 90 hours a week with two jobs, or go for it on the entrepreneur end.”

While he stays involved with PATH, his focus is on his two businesses.

He does take time to give back to his community. He is a board member of the Northern Indiana brand of JDRF (Curing Type 1 Diabetes). He is involved with the La Porte County United Way and produced its recent campaign video. In fact, he provides entertainment and video services for a number of area not-for-profit agencies.

He and his wife have carefully laid out their plans for the future, “I want to continue to build the brands of 27 Entertainment and Rockbox creative,” said Breitzke. “I hope to launch new initiatives and continue to employ more and more people. I plan to open more locations and duplicate what we’ve been able to do here in Northern Indiana. I’m excited about the opportunities we’ve had in our few short years since graduation look forward what is next.”
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