Tashia Taschler

Tashia Taschler

Tashia Taschler

When Tashia Taschler, of LaPorte, entered Purdue University North Central, she had her sights set on eventually becoming a Certified Public Accountant. She became a Business major with a concentration in Accounting.

Between working two jobs and taking between15 to 18 credit hours a semester, it wasn’t always easy for her, but Taschler persevered and earned her degree in December.
“I look forward to exploring my options and finding a job that I enjoy,” she said. “I am interested in many types of accounting (i.e. public, non-profit, tax, or cost), and do not know yet which one I will pursue, so I still have a lot of options.”

Eventually she would like to attend graduate school.
Taschler noted that is happy with her decision to pursue her degree at PNC, “With the way things are in the job market, it is almost essential to get a degree in order to find a good job. College is a very good investment for your future. Plus your education is something that no one will ever be able to take from you.”

And she worked hard to find a balance in her life work, class, homework, and down time. “It’s very important to remember to schedule time to have fun and relax,” she said. “You have to learn how to manage your time.”

Her hard work certainly paid off. Her grades earned her a spot on the honors lists and she was inducted in Sigma Beta Delta international business honorary.

Off campus she volunteered to share her business knowledge with Junior Achievement, teaching children about entrepreneurship and preparing them for the workforce.

Taschler admitted that her biggest obstacle to overcome was the fact that she worked two jobs to pay for school. But she doesn’t regret that decision.

“I had had many great experiences at PNC and that’s due to the outstanding professors I have had. They truly went above and beyond what is required to make sure students really understand the material they are teaching. The professors really do care about the students and want them to succeed.”

Because of her positive experience, she is quick to recommend PNC as her university of choice to others.

“The professors really do care about their students,” she said without hesitation. “PNC provides you with smaller class sizes so you have the benefit of a one-on-one education. When you graduate you have a great education and a degree from Purdue University.”

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