Shayla Bride

Shayla Bride

Shayla Bride

Computer Information Systems Technology
December 2005 graduate

“When I talked to my parents about college, they gave me good advice that helped me decide my major. I knew I wanted a challenging field. I knew I didn’t want to feel like I was stuck in a box.”

“My classes gave me an opportunity to do hands-on applications and learn how they apply to the real world.”

“I enjoy marketing and would like to become a marketing data analyst and combine by interest and strengths. As a student, I had two internships – one in marketing, one in computers. I definitely learned a lot from my internships. People were very willing to mentor me.”

“PNC presented many positive experiences for me. My teachers were encouraging and willing to help. I got to know the students in my classes and we would study together, which really helped.”

“I advise anyone considering college to look at your strengths and your interests and look for a field that will challenge you. You should choose what you are best at and go with it. Talking to my parents and listening to them helped me make the decision that was right for me.”

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