Sarah Pontecorvo

Sarah Pontecorvo

Sarah Pontecorvo

Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies

Sarah Pontecorvo, of Westville, recently earned her Purdue University North Central Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies. Her ultimate career goal is to become an elementary school counselor.

Right now, she is taking a little time off from school and intends to get back on track by attending graduate school spring semester.

“I’m taking a semester off because I’ve been going to school for a full year-and-a-half straight with class loads topping out at 24 credit hours,” she sighed.

At first Pontecorvo wasn’t quite sure what major she wanted to pursue. “I tried out just about everything but the Nursing program. When I started working in the campus child care I realized how much I like working with children and I knew I wanted to work in school counseling.”

She has a clear goal. “I want to work in an elementary school, devising ways to make school fun and interesting to young children. The better experience children have in elementary school, the more exited they will be about their education and staying in school.”

At PNC, Pontecorvo immersed herself in her class work. Her grades earned her a place on the academic honors list for five semesters.

She also was employed on campus. But she made it a point to join campus activities as well and if a group needed help, she was there.

“I always knew that if something needed to be done, I could call on Sarah,” said Keri Marrs Barron, PNC director of Student Activities.
Here’s a brief re-cap of her activities, “I helped out during spirit week, I attended student activity meetings, gave campus tours, worked the campus job fair and my greatest accomplishment was being part of the PNC “Shining Star “ celebrating that honored campus and community individuals who were key to PNC’s success.”

Plus, she also did “a lot of little things that I just got assigned to do.”

According to Marrs Barron, those assignments came because Pontecorvo was sure to get things done and maintain her sense of humor and positive outlook in the meantime.

“I helped pack up the art in the library to get it ready to ship to its original owner in Europe, I worked as an assistant in the Student Activities office, I worked a couple of semesters with The Panther Cubs Child Care on campus and in the game room. I was with the grounds crew for a summer and helped with the PNC Popcorn Festival float for the last three years.”

She attributed her success in college to learning to set priorities. “I had to give up things like parties and what not on the weekend to stay home and study. For the most part I stayed organized so I didn’t fall behind. I did have a social life on top of school and work,” she said.

“I have a lot of memories of PNC. I think my most memorable is graduation, but I have many good memories. I always felt like I belonged. People here stay around on campus for group projects and for studying.

“My advice to people contemplating college is to GO! Education is always the key to opening new doors! It is possible to be successful in college if you are willing to put in the hard work . . . and you can have fun doing it. PNC has a flexible class schedule and online classes, which allows students to work and go to school, or have a family and go to school, or all three.

“I liked feeling connected to PNC; it made going to school fun. “

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