Sarah Pepper

Sarah Pepper

Sarah Pepper

Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science

Purdue University North Central alumna Sarah Pepper, of Valparaiso, recently earned her Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science.

Earning a bachelor’s degree is always a point of pride, but Pepper earned her degree as a mother of four children all under the age of 5, and also worked the majority of her college career. In fact, she points out that this was the first year that she has not been pregnant while attending classes. “It has been an adjustment but I am very excited that I have pushed through and continued with my education,” said Pepper.

She offers her advice to those thinking of attending college, “I have recommended PNC to many people. It is affordable, close to home and the professors have real world experience that carries over into the class.”

When Pepper decided it was time for her to earn her degree she selected PNC. “It was close to home, had the Purdue name and was affordable,” said Pepper. “The PNC faculty played a HUGE role in my college experience. They encouraged me to stick through it even though my family life sometimes made it hard.”

Pepper’s dedication to her studies earned her superior grades that placed her on the semester honors lists.

As a student, she interned at the Safe Harbor After School Program in Michigan City. Her positive experience there encouraged her to help to write a federal grant to help fund a project called “Backpack Snack Attack” that will provide nutritious meals for children outside of school hours.

Pepper also gives credit to her husband, Ken, as key to her success.

“He supported me through everything and encouraged and motivated me to keep going. He took on a larger role at home so that I could focus on my education. Without him I may not gotten to where I am. He has been the balance for all the craziness in my life.”

Pepper shares her insight with other busy adults who wonder if they can succeed in college. “Make sure this is something you want. It will take a lot of time and dedication. Make sure you have good time management skills so that things will not get overwhelming. Schedule classes on the same day and close to each other so there are no excuses to not make it to class. And be sure to take advantage of all the resources PNC offers. The staff is very knowledgeable and are there to help. You can do it.”

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