Nick Ayres

Nick Ayres

Nick Ayres

Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Engineering Management Technology
The year 2009 has been an eventful one for Nicholas Ayres of Chesterton. He graduated from Purdue University North Central with a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Engineering Management Technology, he got married and he is pursuing a career he loves.

Ayres does not shy away from activities and responsibilities.

On campus he immersed himself in the campus Construction Club – the club whose activities paralleled what he wanted to do professionally. He was club president his senior year.

PNC encourages students to get involved with service learning projects and Construction Club members were always willing to help in the community. Club members donated their expertise to Rebuilding Together Duneland and Ayres was a project co-captain in 2007 and a captain in 2008 and 2009.

He and fellow Construction Club members joined other PNC volunteers to help repair and remodel an apartment at Spring Valley Homeless Shelter in Valparaiso.

Ayres and the club members also donated their talents to frame a home for the LaPorte County Habitat for Humanity. In fact, that team won a friendly Habitat for Humanity competition to see which team could get the most work done in an allotted time. The PNC team finished its work far ahead of a team of local contractors.

He was part of a group that reroofed a local church.

PNC traditionally sends Construction Club teams to the National Association of Home Builders competitions for college students. The competition is always tough, but students come away with the experience of planning an actual construction project judged by professionals.

Ayres was part of the PNC team in 2008 and 2009.

The Construction Club made an impression on campus with its entry in the annual campus tree decorating contest. In 2008 Club members built their own tree, decorated with tools and photos of their service learning projects. The tree was so unique that it won first place and was kept for future display.

All of this helped to prepare him for his job with Envoy, Inc. of Indianapolis.

“I like the company,” said Ayres. “Envoy is a project and construction management firm. We mainly manage municipal projects such as schools, jails, and court houses. As a site manager, I deal with the day-to-day issues on-site and keep the project running on schedule and on budget. I run bi-weekly progress meetings, help contractors with questions and assist communication among the owner, architect, and contractors.”

As a PNC student, his senior project included writing a procedures manual that outlines the procedures that Envoy uses daily.

In the meantime, Ayres and his fiancé were planning their June 27 wedding.

He also played on softball teams in Portage, Michigan City, Valparaiso and Chesterton and played basketball in the Michigan City city league.

“My main stress reliever is working out,” he laughed.

How did he get this done?

“Time management is huge. I’ve become organized through the years. I’ve learned everything always works out. . . It might not be the way you want it, but it works out.”

Ayres describes PNC as a “Personal school. Professors know your name and if you miss class. The schedule lets you work during the day, which is why PNC produces successful construction students.”

He advices others to “Get involved to make your self wanted by employers. Meet people and introduce yourself with confidence so they remember you. Keep a good attitude no matter how stressed you are because it always works out. Never take someone’s word for it, find out for yourself. You’ll find out a lot times they are wrong. Do something to help someone remember you in a positive way.”

And he adds, “Down the road I would like to get my MBA.”

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