Natalie Reisen

Natalie Reisen

Natalie Reisen

Purdue University North Central alumna Natalie Reisen earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communication in May and she is eager to put her degree to work.

She explained that she’s always been interested in business, management and public relations, pursuing a degree in Communication seemed like a perfect fit.

The Portage resident is currently a marketing intern for Franciscan Physicians Hospital in Munster.

As a student, Reisen was sure to challenge herself in the classroom.

“One thing I learned from all of my classes is what you put into the class, is what you will get out of it,” she explained. “Pushing hard in my classes helped me get great feedback from papers, tests and assignments on where I actually stood and it helped me to keep pushing forward.”

When Reisen transferred to Purdue North Central after attending Indiana University, she wasn’t sure if she’d fit in or if she’d succeed. She quickly found that her professors were more than willing to offer words of advice and insight.

“Dr. Scott Smithson (chair of the Department of Communication and associate professor of Communication) helped me immensely in the transfer process. He made me feel welcomed throughout my entire time at PNC,” said Reisen. “He pushed me to take internship opportunities, which I am very grateful to have been a part of.”

She also singled out Dr. Daniel Wilbur, associate professor of Communication, as “an excellent professor who has always been encouraging and uplifting. I signed up for his classes every semester.”

Reisen described John Coggins, assistant vice chancellor for Student Services and dean of Students, as “a positive person and a great professor. I never knew what to expect in his class. I hope to be just as positive in my workplace one day.”

“I like being a “name” on campus and not a “number.”

One of her favorite classes was Advanced Public Speaking. Why would a class that would terrify most people appeal to her? “It really helped me discover my presentation style and kicked me out of my comfort zone, which I feel really benefits me today, she explained.

Reisen served as vice president of Lambda Pi Eta, the Communication National Honor Society. She played a key role in drafting its constitution and worked to have it recognized as an official student group on campus. She also served as co-coordinator of the Communication Meet and Greet meetings on campus which invited local business professionals to informal gatherings with PNC Communication students to talk about potential careers, career expectations and advice for the future.

Her grades also earned her a spot on the semester Dean’s List.

Reisen is married and she and her husband enjoy being part of Grace Point church in Valparaiso. The daughter of a Portage Fire Department captain, she also helps with the department’s annual “Shop With the Fireman” event.

Reisen easily admits that she feels blessed with all of the opportunities and positive results that have come from attending Purdue North Central.

“I am very thankful for my time at PNC. I’m happy it turned out the way it did. I met a lot of great people and because of them I am where I am today. I’m eager to start my career and turn the page to a new chapter in my life.

“To anyone thinking of going to PNC my advice is to seize your opportunities. Meet friends and help each other out – you’re all in the same boat.”
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