Monica Hamline

Monica Hamline

Monica Hamline

Monica Hamline, of Crown Point, proudly accepted her Bachelor’s degree in Communication during the recent Purdue University North Central commencement ceremony. She now looks forward to putting her degree to work.

“I am open to suggestions when it comes to my career plan,” she said. “A Communication degree provides a broad spectrum of directions to express my creative personality. I want to use my communication skills in a career that I will be happy to get out of bed for in the morning, excited to spend my day being as creative as possible, worth leaving my family behind for the day and feeling like I have accomplished something for myself, my family, my environment and my community.”

Hamline sacrificed at lot to get to this point in her life. She has a husband and three-year-old daughter and worked full time while attending class.

“An obstacle that I had to overcome was just life itself. It seems the older you are, the more your life isn’t your own and therefore your time is very valuable. Organization is the key to keeping your sanity while juggling family life, social life and school. Dedication is the key to obtaining and maintaining a good grade point average.”

Her dedication to her studies earned her continued mention on the semester honors lists. She also qualified for induction in Lambda Pi Eta, the Communication honor society.

As chapter president, she led the successful Communication Day activities at PNC; which invited employers, professors, current students, academic advisor and prior students to learn more about the Communication Degree.

“Being inducted into the Lambda Pi Eta was an awesome experience, not just as an academic experience, but also as being a member of a team with similar desires and goals,” said Hamline.

She credits her Communication Department professors much of her success in her major.

“Each and every one of them has had a role,” she described. “Without their continued support, I’m not too sure that I could have been so successful. Since fall 2010, Dr. Daniel Wilbur, assistant professor of Communication, has been my communication mentor. He has truly been wonderful and I want to thank him for all his advice, direction and leadership throughout a very stressful senior year.”

She also cited her participation in Dr. Daniel Padberg’s, associate professor of Communication, reader’s theatre program as “a great opportunity to learn and be a part of something I have never experienced before.”

A service learning experience brought her into contact with a local non-profit organization, Positive Approach to Teen Health (PATH), which gave her real-world skills in planning and executing a fund-raising project.

Before she got too far away from PNC, Hamline thanked her advisor Barbara Austin. “From the first day that I walked in, she was an awesome advisor, friend and mentor.”

Now that she has finished her degree, Hamline willingly shares her insights with others, “If there was one piece of advice I could give someone contemplating college, it would be to get it done. The older you get, the harder it is to complete your degree. Life gets in the way, excuses precede the desire and your responsibilities multiply with time. I would recommend PNC to other people, especially ones that are serious about getting their degree.”
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