Marcus and Marcellus English

Marcus and Marcellus English

Marcus and Marcellus English (L-R)

Purdue University North Central students Marcus and Marcellus English are Communication majors who look forward to graduating in 2013. They’ve had their eyes set on their dream careers since they were little boys, so they know just what they want to do and where they want to be when they graduate.

Marcus and Marcellus are twins. They are good friends who enjoy one another’s company. They share similar interests. The Valparaiso High School graduates even take classes together. Therefore, it was not unusual that they both attended the recent New Professional Night for Communication majors at PNC.

This semester the PNC Office of Career Development hosted three New Professional Nights for students. They were customized for students in various career interests. One was for students in the College of Engineering & Technology, another for the College of Business and Leadership and another for Communication majors.

The nights bring together employers with students who are looking for internships or post-graduation careers. Different from the usual career fairs, these events join employers and students in round-table conversations to discuss the employer’s hiring needs and allows the students to ask questions, seek advice and gain valuable insights from professionals.

While not every student may end up with job leads, all leave with valuable information.

Marcus and Marcellus attended their job fair to look for internships and to test the job market for later career opportunities.
It was an ideal time for them to present and perfect their interviewing skills.

“This was a great opportunity to show what I am made of,” said Marcellus. “It gave me an idea of what it’s like to be around business professionals.”

The brothers dressed for success wearing suits, ties and polished shoes. They carried positive attitudes. Their professional attire and advance preparation helped them to feel confident when they entered the room.

“Growing up, our mother taught us good manners. She always told us to shake hands and to look people in the eye. We were told to speak in complete sentences and to use good grammar,” explained Marcus. “We may not have understood why she did this when we were little; but by now it’s second nature. In situations like this or in interviews, we don’t have to concentrate on these things, because it’s a part of us. We can concentrate on the interview itself.”

They each researched the companies attending the New Professional Night to gather background information.

“It’s important to research a company even if you don’t think you’re interested, because you never know what may happen,” suggested Marcellus.

“If you know about a company, you can better discuss it with the representative,” said Marcus. “It’s obvious to the interviewer if you know – or don’t know – about them.”

They also noted that knowing something about a company gives you the opportunity to relax a bit and enjoy a conversation with the employer rather than wondering what to say next.

The brothers also have a dream career – doing public relations for a European car company.

The brothers share a life-long fascination with cars and are particularly fond of European sports cars. Marcus said that one of his first memories is of his mother buying him a toy car.

They are looking for their first break in the field. When a class assignment required them to interview a public relations professional, the brothers decided to “go big,” and chose someone from the second-largest PR agency in the nation, which happens to do a significant amount of work for Porsche.

“We don’t look at this as a job, it’s a passion,” said Marcellus.

The paper earned an A.

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