LouAnn Tuttle

Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education

LouAnn Tuttle

LouAnn Tuttle

Teacher in Michigan City
LouAnn Tuttle earned her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Purdue University North Central in May. Today she teaches kindergarten at Niemann Elementary School in Michigan City.

Being a teacher was her long-held dream. “I have a special way of making young children feel good about how they are,” she explained. “I choose elementary education because I believe this is important in helping children build their self-esteem.”

Tuttle has discovered that what she learned as a student definitely helps her now that she is a teacher.

“I’ll be doing something in the classroom and I’ll think of one of my professors and remember something that they taught us in class,” said Tuttle. “My PNC education gave me the foundation for being a good teacher. I cannot think of a more wonderful profession. Teaching completely suits me.”

Tuttle’s daughter Antoinette Robinson is now a PNC student in the pre-veterinary medicine program. “I knew that she would appreciate the smaller campus and personal attention available on the campus,” said Tuttle. “I wanted her to receive a high-quality education – what better way to do all those things then to attend PNC?”

Tuttle came to PNC when she was 41 years old and a mother. She admits she has some self-doubts about her decision.

“I wasn’t sure that I belonged on a college campus at my age,” she said. “When I started working toward my degree in Elementary Education I realized that age didn’t matter. We were all there for the same reason and we encouraged each other.”

She motivated herself to excel in class and earned a near-perfect grade-point-average. A lot of work and sacrifice went into her achievements

“It was a very hard adjustment from working to being a full-time student. You can’t leave school at school when you leave. At times that I had to miss family functions because I had to do homework or it was finals week,” she recalled.

“I would have never made without the support of my family. My husband, my children and my grandchildren have been my backbone. When things got tough they encouraged me. I feel that I have neglected them all at one time or another, but they have assured me that we were all working toward the same goal. I spent my late nights or early mornings studying.”

In the meantime, she decided to get involved in campus activities. She discovered that her accomplishments motivated her to do more.

A sampling of her activities include: student government representative; student government vice president; student club advisor; Student Education Association treasurer; Chancellor’s Leadership Scholarship; Chancellor’s Leadership Seminar and Dean’s Leadership Group. She also organized the Student Awards Night for two years, helped plan the campus Children’s Halloween Party for three years and went on a student-organized Habitat for Humanity Trip to Mississippi.

“I would recommend PNC to anyone,” said Tuttle without hesitation. “I appreciated the small size classes and personal attention available to students. My advice to anyone is to get involved on campus. Join a club or two. Take advantage of all the support available – when you attend PNC you don’t have to go it alone. There are resources available for academic support, financial support and social support.”

What are her plans for the future? “I will go to graduate school, but I will teach for a couple of years first,” she promises. Eventually, she hopes to relocate to Florida, but vows to continue teaching there.

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