Lauren Moore

lauren-mooreLauren Moore, of Valparaiso, recently earned her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education as a member of the Purdue University North Central Class of 2013. She looks forward to teaching young children and sharing her love of learning with her students.

“I have always loved working with children and helping to teach someone something new, that’s why I put my focus on Early Childhood Education,” she explained.

As a member of the PNC Early Childhood Education program’s second graduating class, Moore and her fellow students played a key role in the program’s development.

“Things were always changing in Early Childhood and I was a part of that. I am proud to be part of the program,” she explained.

“There is a lot of excitement buzzing around it. My professors inspired; they had an excitement for the program and the material and that came across in their teaching. We all worked so closely in helping this program grow that we all have really bonded.”

Moore is quick to thank her professors for the key roles they played in guiding her, inspiring her and mentoring her through her years at PNC.

“Mary Jane Eisenhauer (assistant professor of Education) and Debra Pratt (continuing lecturer of Education) were the two professors I spent the most time with. They helped me to develop a sense of pride in my major and my place in education. I also enjoyed David Feikes (professor of Mathematics) who gave me confidence in math, Purna Das (professor of Physics) who showed me that I could be good at physics and Joseph Schroer (assistant professor of Educational Foundations) who helped me through my student teaching experience.

“My professors know exactly who I am, what my skill sets are, and what my goals are. Because of that, they guided me in the direction I needed to go.”

And so, if follows that Moore’s that favorite PNC experiences were always in the classroom. “I will always remember one of my first classes with Dr. Eisenhauer – sent the class around campus on a scavenger hunt. I took my first Creative Writing class with Bethany Lee (continuing lecturer of English) and learned to translate the unusual ideas in my head into some pretty decent writing. Things would get kind of loud and crazy in her class but it really shook the shy out of people and that was something I needed.”

Outside of class, she was a member of PLAYCE (Purdue Learning About Young Children in Education), a club for students in any major who are interested in the education and development of young children.

She also was a volunteer bible teacher.

Taking a full course load, while finding time to enjoy her outside activities took a little doing, said Moore. “The best way to keep from losing my mind was to organize the little time that I had to the best of my ability. My mom is a naturally organized individual so she broke my life down into parts and made sure that everything had a place. I am extremely grateful to her. Without a schedule, I would have been lost.”

The recent graduate does not hesitate to recommend PNC. “Go for it. Meet new people, try new things, take your classes, try some other things, see what you like.”

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