Larry Himes

Larry Himes

Larry Himes

Purdue University North Central graduate Larry Eugene Himes, Jr., of Rochester, earned his degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology in 2009, but he’s never stopped learning. He continues to have a deep interest in his field and maintains a curiosity and desire to learn more.

Himes is due to earn his Master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology from Purdue Calumet in December and he has already been accepted in to the Electrical and Computer Engineering program at the Purdue University West Lafayette campus.

“I have a continuing desire to learn more about the field. I want to enhance my skills,” said Himes. “I look forward to developing projects for others to learn from. I would like to eventually teach as a university professor, so I hope to become more proficient with my teaching skills while I am with the Ph.D. program.”

In addition to his class work as a Ph.D. student, Himes has accepted an offer to work at Purdue University as a research assistant. He is thrilled with the opportunity.

“I look forward to helping the university,” explained Himes. “It will also expose me to even more ideas and concepts, and countless possibilities for learning.”

Himes clearly enjoys the field of electrical and computer engineering, but he notes that a number of other fields have captured his interest as well.

“I have several interests,” he admits “I enjoy Robotics, NanoTechnology -actually PicoTechnology looks more interesting – Chemistry and Biology.”

“I enjoy any class that there is an observable outcome, in other words, hands-on learning. Theory is welcome, but I think that it is much more enticing to see the results.”

That is why that as an Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology student he enjoyed the challenge of designing a project, assembling it, programming it and then watching its correct operation afterward.

But his interests and curiosity extend far beyond technology and science.

“American History interests me because of everything that our nation has accomplished of its 235 year history, and learning about the people who moved here from other parts of the world seeking a better way of life who have participated in that history.”

As Himes looks ahead, he sees a future filled with possibilities. In addition to interest in teaching, he can envision himself developing projects that would be used for learning at any education level.

He is also interested in designing and working with androids for medical assistants and prosthetics which restore senses, such as have been created by DEKA Research & Development Corporation under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the U.S. Army Research (DARPA) project.

A quote from Albert Einstein describes his interest in research, “If you knew what you were doing, then it would not be called research.”

Himes gives thanks to a number of people who have supported him while he’s pursued his education – among them his parents and a number of professors.

Among them, Christopher Smith, PNC associate professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology; Dr. Mohammad Zahraee, Purdue Calumet professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology; Dr. Li Tan, PNC assistant professor Of Electrical & Computer Engineering Technology; Dr. Lash Mapa, Purdue Calumet professor of Industrial Engineering Technology; Robert Mellin PNC continuing lecturer of English and Dr. Akram Hossain, Purdue Calumet professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology.

He cites Henry Ford to summing up his continuing pursuit of knowledge, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

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